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RaggieSoft Is Not Hiring

Did you get an email offering a job with RaggieSoft? Did it sound too good to be true? That is because it is too good to be true: I am not a company, and I am not hiring!

I am not afraid to admit that I almost fell victim to one of these. What they are doing is they are taking the name of someone and claiming to be the hiring manager. In the case of the one I almost fell for, there was an actual company (who I shall not name), and some scammer from Canada was claiming to be them. A quick ICANN Lookup search (see below) comparing the actual website with the email address told me everything I needed to know.

Like most scams, their intent is to steal something from you (usually money or your identity). Don’t fall for it, simply delete and ignore. They aren’t from me, and I cannot help you in any way.

What are some signs?

  • Email: I have one email address, and one email address only, and you may find it on my resume.
  • ICANN Lookup: Feel free to use ICANN Lookup to perform a lookup on the email address (the url after the @ sign. Feel free to compare what you see to my results (simply do a search for and you will see that they do not match
  • I’m not even a company: Yes, you read that right. RaggieSoft is simply my brand, and is not the name of a company I manage. That is shown in the Copyright section of the footer of all of my pages.

RaggieSoft is not Responsible

As mentioned, as these emails do not originate from the domain, I can not be held responsible for any actions. The best course of action is to simply delete and discard.