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What is My Location?

Pronouns: He, Him, His

Thank you for your interest in hiring me as a web developer! I am comfortable with working remotely as well as returning to an office that is local to Norfolk, Virginia.

Remote Work

I maintain an office in Norfolk, Virginia that can be used for 100% remote work.

This office contains everything needed to do work remotely, including reasonably fast Wi-Fi, the ability to have a hard wired network connection, and has a device which supports all the major video conferencing tools.

The location of this office will be disclosed upon successful hire, as it will be the location I will receive work-related mail.

In Office & Hybrid Work

In addition, for jobs that want us to return to the office in person, that is possible. I am willing to work In-Office & Hybrid in the following localities. Cities in Bold indicate preference (and will be announced after the city name). For the cities listed as caution, please contact me first.

If the on-site job isn’t in one of the cities listed below, thank you for your interest but no thank you.

  • Chesapeake, Virginia (Location Preference)
  • Hampton, Virginia
  • Newport News, Virginia
  • Norfolk, Virginia (Location Preference)
  • Portsmouth, Virginia
  • Suffolk, Virginia
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia (Location Preference)