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Welcome to RaggieSoft

Welcome to RaggieSoft

Making the Web More Accessible, One Client at a Time

Let me Introduce Myself

My name is Michael Ragsdale and I am a web and desktop developer residing in Norfolk, Virginia

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Pronouns: He, Him, His

I give websites the once-over for Accessibility standards for both Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

I develop websites that look great, function great, but are (most importantly) accessible to everyone! I develop mainly with PHP, and use Bootstrap for my layout and Bootswatch for my colors, and my web development skills date back to 1997, 27 years ago.

I maintain a fully equipped office in order to get things done in a distraction free environment, and this office is fully equipped with everything necessary to perform work for clients.

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What I Do for Websites


I check websites for Section 508 compliance (for Federal Government agencies and contractors) as well as WCAG Version 2.1 Level AA (for everyone else). I catch the accessibility errors that slip right through the automatic accessibility checkers.

My goal is to make sure your website works no matter who is accessing it, no matter what their needs are.


I use Bootstrap to ensure that websites I create look great no matter what size device you use to view them: from the smallest phones to the largest of screens

Try it out with my website by simply resizing the web browser window if you are on a desktop

Automatic Dark Mode

When you put your device in Dark Mode, don’t you think websites should respect that automatically? The web browser has a way to query your operating system (prefers-color-scheme) to see if it should serve a daytime or a night time website. I build sites that can listen for prefers-color-scheme changes.

Try it out on my website by going into your system settings and switching between light and dark modes


Need something updated on the back end? Maybe you are a small business who needs to quickly update things?

I can connect your website to a database on the back end to let you store common pieces of data (prices? product types?) in one easy to access location where reports can be generated.


Do you make things? Would you like a portfolio like mine to showcase your skills and talents?

Allow me to use my talent to showcase your talent.

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