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My name is Michael Ragsdale, and I currently reside in the southeastern Virginia metro area (Norfolk, Virginia area). I am looking to get into the IT web and/or software developer field, and I have experience in the field since 1997. If you're interested in hiring me, please head on over to my portfolio where my resume and contact information can be found.

Products & Projects

StoreTrainer on Windows 10

To keep my skills sharpened, I write code using various technologies. Seen here is StoreTrainer which is a tool I wrote to support the retro PC gaming market, while still being at home on modern versions of Windows. See my products if you're interested in what I do outside of school, or see my projects if you're interested in what I did at University.


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Interested in hiring me? I'm a web and desktop developer located in southeastern Virginia. For more information, please check out my Portfolio.