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I am a web developer with experience dating back to 1997. If you are interested in hiring me, please visit my Portfolio for contact information and my relocation policy.


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Michael Ragsdale, Developer

Interested in hiring me? I'm a web and desktop developer located in southeastern Virginia. For more information, please check out my Portfolio.

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Products & Projects

Brother and Sister posing for camera

The Book Collection plus its assorted books is what I am most proud of. Learn more about the book reader on my Sample Works page then have a look at the Book Collection for yourself.

This is a preview clip from my Book Collection. Michael (age 22) just got out of a very abusive relationship and his kid sister Rachel (age 20) is trying to comfort & reassure him that life will go on.


These are products that I created while not in a University setting.



These are projects that I did for classes while at University.


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