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Welcome to the newly revamped RaggieSoft.com! We are in the process of reorganizing everything.

Our book reader is what we are most proud of. For recruiters: this application combines several programming languages into one cohesive program, working together to present works of fiction.

Book Reader Book Collection

Are you a recruiter looking to hire me? Please visit my portfolio.


Welcome to RaggieSoft!

I am a web developer with experience dating back to 1997. If you are interested in hiring me, please visit my Portfolio for contact information and my relocation policy.

If you are here to see examples of my work, this website was crafted lovingly by hand using HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, and Bootstrap. My Book Reader is what I primarily work on to show off what I am able to do.


Michael Ragsdale, Developer

Pronouns: He, Him, His

My name is Michael Ragsdale, and I currently reside in the southeastern Virginia metro area (Norfolk, Virginia to be specific). I am currently a worker in the IT web and software developer field, and I have experience in the field since 1997. I am actively OpenToWork.

If you are interested in hiring me, please review my COVID-19 & Relocation Policy, my List of Skills, and grab a copy of my Résumé before Contacting Me.

My Policies in a Nutshell

  • I stand with Ukraine and will not participate in any job that is in any way connected to Russia or the Russian Federation. Long Live Ukraine.Flag of Ukraine
  • Please Review my Work Samples because I don’t agree with taking assesments. Can I have your product/service for free? No? Didn’t think so. Why should I offer you free labor? If you have questions on my skillset, please review my List of Skills or my Sample work.
  • I am a U.S. Citizen and will not need sponsorship or an H-1B visa
  • I do not posess a Security Clearance but will be able to obtain one if the company is willing to sponsor a background check.
  • I am fully vaccinated & received the Booster and am ready to return to an in-person office. I am also ok with working from home.
  • I can not relocate from Norfolk, Virginia at this time due to current obligations. I am open to working remotely in roles open to Virginia residents.
  • If these do not answer your questions, please feel free to Contact Me. Please note that I do not accept C2C offers. Traditional Full Time positions only.
Portfolio Skills

Download my Resume

Microsoft Word DOCX (Last Updated Friday, May 20, 2022) Adobe PDF (Last Updated Friday, May 20, 2022)

RaggieSoft Book Reader

Brother and Sister posing for camera
Siblings Michael and Rachel in their townhouse

I like to write works of fiction, and the Book Reader allows me to keep several web and desktop development skills sharpened at one time.

Book Reader Download Reader Book Collection

Looking for My Other Work?

In addition to the Book Reader, I have created other things to keep my skills sharp


These are products that I created while not in a University setting.



These are projects that I did for classes while at University.


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