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List of Skills

Pronouns: He, Him, His

I am primarily a web developer with a focus on PHP, however I do have skills in desktop application development as well. My language of choice is C♯ and Microsoft .net Desktop Runtime running under Windows. I would love to learn how to code for other operating systems and mobile devices as well.

As a demonstration of my skills, these tables are generated using PHP to connect to a MySQL database using MySQLi.

Legend (These skill levels will be announced by your screen reader after reading out the skill)

  • Beginning Skill Level
  • Intermediate Skill Level
  • Expert Skill Level
  • Expert Skill I Wish to Highlight

Office Skills

Skill Name Years of Experience Skill Level
Kubuntu (Linux) 1 Intermediate Knowledge
macOS 9 Intermediate Knowledge
Microsoft DOS 30 Expert Knowledge
Microsoft Windows 30 Expert Knowledge
Section 508 Compliance 4 Expert Knowledge
WCAG 2.1 Compliance 4 Expert Knowledge

Desktop Programming

Skill Name Years of Experience Skill Level
C# (Desktop .net 7) 2 Expert Knowledge
C++ 11 Intermediate Knowledge
Inno Setup (excluding [code]) 16 Expert Knowledge
InstallAware MSIcode 2 Expert Knowledge
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) 16 Expert Knowledge
Visual Basic .net 22 Expert Knowledge
Visual Basic 6.0 25 Expert Knowledge

Web Programming

Skill Name Years of Experience Skill Level
Cascading Style Sheets 22 Advanded Knowledge
Hypertext Markup Language 26 Expert Knowledge
JavaScript 25 Advanded Knowledge
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) 2 Intermediate Knowledge
MySQL via PHP 2 Intermediate Knowledge
PHP Hypertext Processor 12 Expert Knowledge

Web Libraries

Skill Name Years of Experience Skill Level
Bootstrap 5 Expert Knowledge
Font Awesome Pro 5 Expert Knowledge
jQuery 15 Expert Knowledge
W3.CSS 7 Expert Knowledge

Content Management Systems

Skill Name Years of Experience Skill Level
Canvas 2 Intermediate Knowledge
GitHub 3 Beginning Knowledge
Personal Learning Environment 4 Expert Knowledge
WordPress (Self-Hosted) 15 Intermediate Knowledge
WordPress (WordPress-Hosted) 15 Intermediate Knowledge

Note: Personal Learning Environment was written in-house by one of my previous employers

Were you looking for one of my resume samples?

On my resume, I mention some products that I created as well as what tools I used to create them. For the moment, they are temporarily removed from my website while I get everything situated.

RaggieSoft Book Reader

This is a tool I wrote using C#, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, and MSIcode that houses the works of fiction I create. The Book Reader will be restored once its back end is updated from a broken mismash of css to RaggieSoft Web Template, which powers the website now.

Document Conversion Sample

As part of my demonstration of WCAG and Section 508 capabilities, I created a snow emergency shutdown plan for my area’s public transit provider. I took their unaccessible image of a table and made it into a fully searchable document that was also fully accessible to a screen reader.

RaggieSoft Presentation Viewer

Presentation Viewer is a tool I created to run on an iPad that assisted with giving presentations in front of a University class while allowing me to overcome a mobility impairment (I could not safely twist my neck to look back at the projection screen to read off of it).

RaggieSoft StoreTrainer

This is a tool I wrote using classic Visual Basic 6.0 inside of WindowsNT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP so that I could keep my older skills alive. Once the Products section of the website is restored, StoreTrainer will be restored as well.

You would be surprised at how many older machines are still out in the wild.

RaggieSoft Version API

This is a tool that reports version information of Windows executable files. I took it down because it expects the file properties to be written a specific way, and will break if the version data is in the wrong place.

Upon request, watermarked sample code can be provided.