RaggieSoft Product System Requirements

Our products have different system requirements

Concerning .NET Desktop Runtime

Update on December 15th, 2021: This might have been fixed with the recently released .NET 6.0.1

In years past, our installers had a way to check for the presence of the Microsoft .NET Runtime. However, with the advent of .NET 6 being made available for not only Windows, but also Mac and Linux, there is no longer a reliable way that we can check without going way out of our way. Instead, we are going to send you to the Microsoft website and tell you that you need specifically the .NET Desktop Runtime.

For more information, please visit the article that Thread Reader App kindly unrolled for us at Let’s Talk Book Reader (view thread on Twitter)

RaggieSoft Book Reader

RaggieSoft Book Reader is a modern Windows application and is built on the newest Microsoft runtime libraries. Most modern computers will be able to handle the Book Reader. Our installer will download the Microsoft system components listed below for you, and direct download links are listed below as a courtesy.