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Spring 2018

ENG 231C

A portfolio of writing

MGMT 325

A Presentation on Busch Entertainment Corporation

Fall 2017

PHIL 303 - Business Ethics

A Presentation on the McDonald's Hot Coffee incident

Summer 2017

MGMT 340 - Human Resources Management

A Presentation on ADA Safety in the Workplace

Fall 2016

OEAS 110N - Earth Science

Labs for anything related to Mother Earth

ODU IT 201 - Intro to IT

This is the class where I learn the most basic of computer hardware

ODU ENG 211 - English Writing 2

This is the second part to English Writing

ODU IT 325 - Web Site Design

This is the class where I learn how to create modern websites

ODU Strome Hackathon

This is the Hackathon I took part in

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