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This is the Moon Observation Chart which I did for 300 points towards my Astronomy grade. The chart shows the phases of the moon over the observation period.

The site is designed to self-adapt to your device, and is tested on Windows 8.1, iOS 7, and Android 4.4. The goal of the site wasto advanced my knowledge beyond my Williamsburg Area Transit Authority project, to look like a modern web app on mobile devices.

NOTE: I have decided NOT to "fix" the calls to the Twitter API and left the calls as // instead of http://. The way the calls are done now, it allows Twitter to serve both HTTP and HTTPS sites without the browser throwing "This site has both Secure and Insecure content" error messages. Therefore, I decided to leave the calls to Twitter's API as they were, as this is how it would be done in real life.

The browser would resolve HTTP vs HTTPS at runtime, so what was happening locally was that the browser was looking for the Twitter JS File on the local file system, which of course it is not. This does allow for a side effect: locally, you'd be able to view the contents of the Tweet as if Twitter was not working for some reason.

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