Elem. School HW

It's a Bad Idea

Girl Hating HomeworkGirl Hating HomeworkWelcome

In this presentation, I will attempt to argue that homework in Elementary School is a bad idea


“There is no evidence that any amount of homework improves the academic performance of elementary students.”

This quote from Harris Cooper, of Duke University, sets the bar pretty high and can be very startling to hear.

So what are reasons to not have homework assigned?

The Studies

Studies suggest that children learn best in school

At home, HW is pretty much busy work that hinders, rather than helps

The child does not learn as much, and may even be turned off by the assignment

This would negatively affect the child throughout their time in school

The Homework Fight

This causes the child to turn against homework, and there are 13 more years to go

The most well documented issue is the dinner fight because the child does not want to do homework

In Conclusion

Homework should not be assigned at the Elementary School level

Instead, classwork which should stay just there. In the classroom

Are there any questions?