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Welcome to my catalogue of web projects that I did while I was at University. As I do not have much in the way of actual IT work experience, I created these projects as web-based solutions to class projects. While the classes these projects were assigned to were not necessarily IT-related courses, the web work was done very specifically to sharpen my IT skills.

To see what I've worked on outside of the University setting, please see my Products page.

  • JavaScript
  • NAS 131 Moon Chart
    For an Astronomy course I was taking, I was tasked with creating a chart of the moon. At the same time, I was tasked in a JavaScript course I was taking at the same time to build a website to show my proficiency in the JavaScript language for a Final Project in lieu of a Final Exam. I decided to get permission from both instructors to build a website that uses JavaScript to demonstrate both responsive layouts and how to use document.getElementById.innerHTML to swap out images.
  • Responsive PHP Photo Gallery
  • OEAS 110 Luray Caverns Photo Gallery
    For my Earth Science Lab, over Thanksgiving Break we were asked to make a journal on different types of rocks. Since I traveled to Luray every November for Life Day anyways (Thank the Maker!), I figured going to the Caverns would give me plenty of rock types. This photo gallery is intentionally incomplete, as it demonstrates my PHP skills in error handling when a file does not exist.
  • RaggieSoft Presentation Software
  • What this is: Instead of relying on existing presentation software such as Microsoft® PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impress, or even web-based tools like Prezi, I created a presentation layout from scratch and ran it from my iPad Air 2 plugged into my classroom's projector. This was done both to keep my skill set sharpened as well as to offer up a change of pace to my classmates who were probably bored of seeing Death By PowerPoint™
  • ENG 211 Homework in Elementary School
    This is a presentation I did for my English 211 class about Homework in Elementary School and why it is a bad idea. This uses an earlier format for the Presentation layout, and you'll be able to see how it evolved into the Presentation Software layout I use now.
  • MGMT 340 ADA Safety
    For a class presentation in my Management 340 class, I created a presentation on the Americans with Disabilities Act at the Workplace, and talked about how Target both accomplished and failed in its mission.
  • PHIL 303 Hot Coffee
    The infamous McDonald's Hot Coffee lawsuit: most everyone has heard of it, but misconceptions persist to this day. Creating a presentation using the same tools as I did for MGMT 340, I created a presentation for the Hot Coffee lawsuit.