University Projects

Welcome to my catalogue of web projects that I did while I was at University. As I do not have much in the way of actual IT work experience, I created these projects as web-based solutions to class projects. While the classes these projects were assigned to were not necessarily IT-related courses, the web work was done very specifically to sharpen my IT skills.

To see what I've worked on outside of the University setting, please see my Products page.

JavaScript Moon Chart

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For an Astronomy course I was taking, I was tasked with creating a chart of the moon. At the same time, I was tasked in a JavaScript course I was taking at the same time to build a website to show my proficiency in the JavaScript language for a Final Project in lieu of a Final Exam. I decided to get permission from both instructors to build a website that uses JavaScript to demonstrate both responsive layouts and how to use document.getElementById.innerHTML to swap out images.

Responsive PHP Photo Gallery

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For my Earth Science Lab, over Thanksgiving Break we were asked to make a journal on different types of rocks. Since I traveled to Luray every November for Life Day anyways (Thank the Maker!), I figured going to the Caverns would give me plenty of rock types. This photo gallery is intentionally incomplete, as it demonstrates my PHP skills in error handling when a file does not exist.

RaggieSoft Presentation Software

Instead of relying on existing presentation software such as Microsoft® PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impress, or even web-based tools like Prezi, I created a presentation layout from scratch and ran it from my iPad Air 2 plugged into my classroom's projector. This was done both to keep my skill set sharpened as well as to offer up a change of pace to my classmates who were probably bored of seeing Death By PowerPoint™

Homework in Elementary School

View Homework in Elementary School

This is a presentation I did for my English 211 class about Homework in Elementary School and why it is a bad idea. This uses an earlier format for the Presentation layout, and you'll be able to see how it evolved into the Presentation Software layout I use now.

ADA Safety in the Workplace

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For a class presentation in my Management 340 class, I created a presentation on the Americans with Disabilities Act at the Workplace, and talked about how Target both accomplished and failed in its mission.

McDonald's Hot Coffee Lawsuit

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The infamous McDonald's Hot Coffee lawsuit: most everyone has heard of it, but misconceptions persist to this day. Creating a presentation using the same tools as I did for MGMT 340, I created a presentation for the Hot Coffee lawsuit.