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StoreTrainer on Windows 10
StoreTrainer running on Windows 10

About StoreTrainer

StoreTrainer is a tool I wrote for retro gamers on Windows 9x machines, and still runs fine on Windows 10. Trainers are programs that edit memory values within a game. For example: you could have unlimited lives, unlimited ammo, or unlimited money. The goal of StoreTrainer is to make launching both files easier. Sometines, the trainer expects the game executable to already be running. Sometimes, the trainer has a button to launch the game. Think of StoreTrainer as a way to create a shortcut to take care of this.

StoreTrainer is a free download, please visit the StoreTrainer Downloads page today!

System requirements: in keeping with the retro gaming PC aspect of this program, Windows NT 4.0 requires at least Service Pack 3. Other than that, Windows 95/NT or better. Yes, StoreTrainer will run on modern Windows 10 and Windows 11 machines.