StoreTrainer Downloads

System requirements: in keeping with the retro gaming PC aspect of this program, Windows NT 4.0 requires at least Service Pack 3. Other than that, Windows 95/NT or better. Yes, StoreTrainer will run on modern Windows 10 and Windows 11 machines.

Full Download

StoreTrainer 1.0.4, source code, and necessary Microsoft runtime files are included.

StoreTrainer 1.0.4 (full download)

Patch Download

This will update any version of StoreTrainer to v1.0.4. It includes just the version 1.0.4 binary as well as source code, and will check for a previous version of StoreTrainer on your system.

StoreTrainer 1.0.4 (patch)

Release History

Archived Downloads

Full Downloads

This provides both StoreTrainer and the Microsoft runtime files necessary to get it running on older systems

Patch Downloads

This requires StoreTrainer to be installed, and will update you to the latest release. The main difference is that the patch installers do not contain the Microsoft runtime files.