StoreTrainer Downloads

Starting with StoreTrainer 1.0.4, StoreTrainer requires Windows XP or later. It will happily run on modern versions of Windows, including Windows 10. Licensed under the GPL v3 and source code is included. (Looking for Windows 9x/NT4/2000 Support?)

StoreTrainer 1.0.4 Download

StoreTrainer 1.0.4 uses a new breed of installer that can dynamically detect if you need Microsoft runtimes or not.

You can also download a single EXE that containes the runtime files if you wish. This new installer will upgrade existing installs of StoreTrainer.

Full Download

StoreTrainer 1.0.4 (full download)

Dynamic Web Download

StoreTrainer 1.0.4 (dynamic web download)

Release History

Archived Downloads (Windows 9x/NT4/2000 Users)

Starting with StoreTrainer 1.0.4, Windows XP is now the minimum supported operating system. If you need to install on Windows 9x, NT 4, or Windows 2000: older versions of StoreTrainer are being made available

Full Downloads

This provides both StoreTrainer and the Microsoft runtime files necessary to get it running on older systems

Patch Downloads

This requires StoreTrainer to be installed, and will update you to the latest release. The main difference is that the patch installers do not contain the Microsoft runtime files.