RaggieSoft StoreTrainer

Work in Progress

StoreTrainer is currently a work in progress. It's rough around the edges, and is not feature-complete. Treat it like a beta and use with caution

StoreTrainer as seen on Windows 10

This is a simple tool to get my feet wet in classic Visual Basic 6 development. The idea is that someone might want to mess with a trainer for a game, and they don't want to have to remember its location every time. You can create a fast way to launch both the trainer and game at once.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 95? Really

Yes, I want to cater to those who are into retro PC gaming. StoreTrainer works on ANY 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system, excluding Windows RT and Windows 10 S (due to their architecture)


While it is not complete, please feel free to try out my work-in-progress version of StoreTrainer today by clicking the Download link in the menu. Source code is included in version 1.0. I've introduced a bugfix release, version 1.0.2, which tries out a different installation routine to make it feel more at home on older operating systems.

Downloads are available when viewing from a PC.