Book Collection

Rachel and her brother from Rachel's Story, Book 1

I write books. I am an only child and it was rather lonely growning up. Therefore, you will notice that the main characters are close siblings.

ADA Guide

ADA GuideFor a project at a Hack-a-thon, I decided that I was fed up with my University's piss-poor accessibility maps. I decided to write my own toolkit to help you generate detailed accessibility guides for your location. Check it out.

I'm hoping someday my demonstration project can be realized using a toolkit, but in the meantime: there's an easily adaptable demo file you can download.


StoreTrainer on Windows 10

On the desktop development side of things, this is StoreTrainer. It is a rather simple tool I wrote to launch a game and its associated trainer (yes, cheat program) with a single click. It was intentionally developed using Visual Basic 6.0 to appeal to the restro PC gaming market, while still running without a hitch on modern Windows 10 PCs. Head on over to the StoreTrainer Website to learn more.