RaggieSoft Customizer for Bootstrap

We use Bootstrap to do the layout of our website, along with Bootswatch for a premade set of colors since using a CSS preprocessor is not in our skillset (yet?). While that is great, different themes have different sizes for different things, and we want everything standardized. Therefore, we created our own set of custom CSS classes that should be placed after Bootstrap for use on our website. We release it to the world under the MIT License in the hopes that it will be useful.

Our Customizer is tuned for Bootstrap 5.2 and Bootswatch 5.2 as that is what our website uses, and absolutely requires Bootstrap 5.2 at a minimum as it uses CSS Custom Properties (variables) that were introduced in Bootstrap 5.2.

Probably the biggest reason we created the Customizer was so that we could combine two different Bootswatch themes, which powers our light mode vs. dark mode, allowing us to even out the sizes of everything that might be different across two different themes.

In addition, Customizer includes the following things used for our books

  • Customizer Components

  • Blockquote: Spruce up your Blockquotes. Coming soon: change the colors of the border
  • Images: Lets you do responsive images
  • Story Content: Paragraph Indents in our books