RaggieSoft Book Reader

I like to write works of fiction. To keep my skills sharpened, they are converted from Microsoft Word® documents to web pages using RaggieSoft Story Maker (an internal tool I wrote) in preparation for their transfer to the web.

A C♯ application is written using Visual Studio 2022 and Microsoft .NET 6 using the Microsoft WebView2 control to allow effortless book reading by the end-user. WebView2 is used in place of the legacy WebBrowser control to allow the application to use modern Chromium standards instead of defaulting to legacy Internet Explorer 7 non-standards (this is not a typo). While it was possible to get the WebBrowser control to use Internet Explorer 11's rendering engine, this process may not always be available on the user's computer, if an administrator has locked down the Registry (even the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive). Even then, the Internet Explorer browser no longer receives security updates and should not be used.

This allows the Book Reader software to detect which books, if any, are installed and update the welcome page as necessary by using the C♯ language to inject jQuery into the page to modify it as needed.

Finally, this is all packaged up using the MSIcode language using InstallAware to present an easy to follow installation wizard that takes all the guesswork out. InstallAware takes care of downloading and installing the .NET Desktop Runtime and WebView2 on an as-needed basis.

Michael and Rachel enjoying their new fish tank
Michael and Rachel enjoying their fish tank
Sarah hugging her Special Needs Brother
Sarah showing sibling affection to her special needs younger brother

Download Reader

The Book Reader is your ticket to viewing my book collection offline.


Book Collection

This is my collection of books, and can be read in your browser or you may download the Book Reader for offline viewing.

Book Collection