Download RaggieSoft Book Reader

Welcome to the Book Reader download page. The reader will be installed the first time you try to install a book, but if it does not work, you may download the reader for here. This is more an adventure in teach us how to write program code. The books are available for reading online as well as download onto your Windows machine (Mac and Linux users: we have neither the time, nor the money, but if you’re interested in teaching us Mac or Linux programming, please get in touch).

Download Book Reader v0.6.3

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 (May 2019 Update) or later
  • Microsoft .NET 6 Desktop Runtime (the installer will download these if necessary, and we think the version detection bug has been fixed)
  • Microsoft WebView2 (the installer will download this if necessary)
  • Microsoft WebView2 will not replace your existing browser

What’s New in Update 0.6.3

Release Date 09/20/2022

  • We are starting to remove jQuery. One less thing the software has to process, resulting in faster load times
  • If everything works, you should not notice anything different

Version History