Download RaggieSoft Book Reader

RaggieSoft Book Reader is the home of our books. This is more an adventure in teach us how to write program code. The books are available for reading online as well as download onto your Windows machine (Mac and Linux users: we have neither the time, nor the money, but if you’re interested in teaching us Mac or Linux programming, please get in touch).

Download Book Reader v0.4.5

What’s New in Update 0.4.5

  • Moved to .net 6 for modernization (and possible multi platform software?)
  • Laying the groundwork for installing and downloading books within the software
  • The installer progress bug is still a thing (we are waiting on a Microsoft provided fix)

What’s New in Beta 4

  • Beta 4 Update 4: Support for Font Awesome Pro icon set, as seen in Rachel Update 0.3
  • Beta 4 Update 3: Bootstrap 5 refreshes the books and keeps the underpinnings up to date — make sure to download updated books too
  • Books are now their own installlers, which will facilitate checking for updates
  • Fixed issues (hopefully this time!) with downloading and installing Microsoft runtimes
  • Created a landing page when you attempt to add books, which will eventually be the home of adding books and checking for updates
  • Beta 4 Update 2 (0.4.2) tested and verified working on Windows 11
  • More info on installer progress bug (we are waiting on a Microsoft provided fix)

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 (May 2019 Update) or later
  • Microsoft .NET 6 Desktop Runtime (the installer will download these if necessary, and we think the version detection bug has been fixed)
  • Microsoft WebView2 (the installer will download this if necessary)
  • Microsoft WebView2 will not replace your existing browser

Download Books

This will be presented inside the Book Reader software when it is developed further. There will also be a way to uninstall individual books. For now, the Reader uninstaller will take care of removing books for you.

To uninstall books, simply uninstall the Reader, which will also remove all installed books. Coming soon: ability to uninstall books you no longer want to read, without removing the Reader.