Sibling Childhood

The early years of Billy & Sarah. They would probably have been too young to remember most of this.

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Early Childhood

Billy and Sarah were young once. They probably do not remember these memories.

Open Chapter Billy in the Hospital

Middle School

Siblings Talking in Sarah's Bedroom
Billy and Sarah discussing things in her bedroom (Billy is frightened)

Billy is growing up, and the time of childhood is transitioning to that of young adulthood. Welcome to Middle School.

Open Chapter Billy Gets Pressured

The Teenage Years

Billy & Sarah are in high school

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Billy’s Freshman Year

Billy begins his time at high school, and his sister has just two years to get him ready for adult life.

Open Chapter Welcome to High School

Billy’s Sophomore Year

Billy and Sarah are both discovering each other’s company when they both get turned down for dates

Open Chapter Band Camp Rejected at School Siblings Bonding at the Mall Camping in the Back Yard A Special Kind of Bond A New Dimension A Very Special Sleepover Meeting a College Recruiter College Tour with Sarah New Life at Home

College Tour with Sarah

Sarah tours a college and takes her little brother with her on their first trip alone together

Open Chapter College Tour with Sarah Hotel for the Evening University Open House Date with Sarah Second Night in the Hotel

Sarah’s Last Summer

Sarah has graduated high school and it is time for her to have one last summer before going off to college

Open Chapter Making Plans

Billy’s Junior Year

Billy now enters high school without his sister. How will he cope?

Christi & Deborah

Billy finds himself with two women who adore him now that Sarah has moved on to College, and they convince him to make a major life decision

Two Girlfriends

Sarah have moved off to college, and two sisters find themselves having a massive crush on Billy

Open Chapter Meeting Two Special People Billy’s Wildest Fantasies Come True? Billy Moves In Terrible News Life Without Parents A Visit with Sarah

Billy’s Worst Nightmare

Things are getting out of hand and Billy must make certain decisions

Open Chapter Zion Crossroads Return to Charlottesville A Return to the Coast Back in the Land of Portsmouth

Sarah to the Rescue

Billy has finally had enough, and Sarah hatches a plan to get him out of the bad relationship

Getting Billy Home

Sarah makes sure Billy never has to put up with those two ever again

Open Chapter Making a Big Decision Morning of Horror Sarah to the Rescue Arrival at Sarah’s Room Exploring Billy’s Damaged Mind Day at the University

Day at the University

Sarah takes Billy to her school so that he isn't alone in her hotel room

Open Chapter Good Morning Billy Breakfast & English A Breath of Fresh Air and a Math Class That Darned Elevator Lab & Dinner

Living with Sarah

With Sarah officially a graduate, she buys a house for her and her brother to live together

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Billy’s New Life

Billy is ready to start a new life living with his older sister who is more than willing to take care of his special needs

Arrival at the Coast Billy's Arm-Breaking Experience Planning a New Life Victory on the River Starting a New Life Together Checking out a New House Buying the House Sarah’s College Graduation

A New Life in a New House

Sarah purchased a new house and makes it a home with her brother

New Life in a New House Evening Out on the Town First Evening in the New House Day of Fooling Around Getting the House Situated

Billy Returns to School

Now that Sarah is situated, it is time for her to situate her brother, getting him back into school.

Open Chapter Billy Returns to School First Day Back to School Spring Break Vacation

Spring Break Vacation

Billy is back in college, and Sarah takes him on a very nice Spring Break trip to the island that they were born on.

Open Chapter Spring Break Vacation

When the World Goes Topsy-Turvy

The world they live in is changing, and changing for the worst. How will the siblings cope?

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Messed Up World

Something is wrong with the world. How will the siblings cope?

When the World Shuts Down Arrival at a Fully Accessible House Welcome to a Mixed–Up World

Living Life in Lockdown

The world is suddenly very different. Billy & Sarah have to do as much as they can from home. No going to school for Billy and no going to work for Sarah. Everything that can be done from home should be done from home.

Welcome to a Locked Down World