WorldSoft Christmas Dinner

I sat there on the sofa with tears in my eyes as Jessica continued to comfort me. Snow was lightly falling outside, which scrapped her plans of taking me to Lynnwood, so she happily allowed me to curl up in her arms as I thought about this past week.

Look on the bright side: Christmas is almost here, and you will be together with all of us, Jess said as I continued to sob quietly.

I just feel so bad about everything, I said.

We all understand. That is behind you now, and we want to get you on your feet, My sister replied as she adjusted my head so it was resting gently on her breast, Tonight is the big night with the WorldSoft Christmas Party and you will be my guest. I’ll take you into Seattle and get you something nice to wear then we will catch the bus to Redmond.

Jessica noted that I was not complaining, but fully understood that I was still mentally very fragile, and extremely insecure. What would you like to do right now, She asked very gently.

I looked up at her, and with tears still in my eyes, I whispered, Thank-you for taking me in.

Jessica replied, Rachel and I both wanted you out of that relationship for ages.

I whispered, It clicked when you offered milk in my cereal that morning.

I noticed your eyes light up when I brought the milk out, My sister replied as she started getting up, I want to do something nice for you right now. I want brother/sister time with you, and I want you to have the best Christmas ever. She paused for a moment, then continued, speaking out what was on my mind (Jessica is very good at reading my mind), I don’t care that you are lying in my arms. You want comfort, and I am offering comfort. You’re scared that you will be left for dead again. Please don’t feel that way. I’m your sister and I would never throw you away the way that bitch did.

I helped her transfer to her wheelchair, and she explained how she felt about the whole relationship. From her point of view, It started when Rachel and I came to Churchland. I remember you were lying on Rachel’s breast, as you always did. That old bat looked disgusted and you had this look on your face that said it all: you were scared to tell her that you like being cuddly with both of us. I think she either wanted to gross us out when she started cooking Thanksgiving Dinner in the buff, or she just didn’t care that Rachel and I have feelings also. I then remember when I invited you to birthday dinner. It was going to be you, me, and Rachel. She hated being left. Worst of all, and Kristin explained this to me: there was a reason I put you on the #2 from Downtown Tacoma, even though the #3 is faster. I did that specifically to put you on Kristin’s bus to test my theory, which was that she had misplaced jealousy issues. Kristin told me she had this ‘angry on the inside’ look when you were hugging Rachel inside that Spot.

I started crying some more and Jessica continued to gently massage me as she continued, This was all her. That little house in Kent. I felt so embarrassed about being naked in that room.

I started thinking about the times Jess and I were naked together before, in older days, especially when I helped her bathe right after the accident that put her in her wheelchair. The truth was: me, Jess, and Rachel have been nude together before, and were not embarrassed. Quite often, the three of us were in the bathroom bathing Jess, and we did not care, nor did we think it was disgusting.

Jessica continued, The truth: I am glad you are out of that nightmare. You and Kristin are forming a very strong bond, and since Rachel and I both consider her as part of the family, I’m approving. To be honest: I was absolutely disgusted when she tried to cut you off from Rachel and I, and I would rather you spend time with Kristin as if she was part of the family.

I started really thinking about it and asked, Jess, I’m frightened. Being left in the pouring rain.

My big sister said, Don’t be anymore. You have me. You have Rachel. You have Kristin. We will be inviting Dad up here for Christmas Dinner. You will never have to see that pig ever again. Rachel, Kristin, and I already made plans: the four of us, yes you too, will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here in Bellevue together.

When do we head out, I asked, I have no dress up clothes.

How about right now? We can also grab a bite to eat, My big sister replied, We will take the bus into Downtown Seattle and…

I interrupted, What is wrong with Downtown Bellevue?

My sister began explaining, The guy who runs the Mall in Downtown hates public transit, and especially hates light rail.

Downtown Seattle please, I said, automatically registering my disgust.

Thought so. Let’s get our coats, then head out, Jess said, There should be a bus in about ten minutes. I’m going to need you to push me around because my wheelchair doesn’t have Four Wheel Drive.

I chuckled, I think for the first time in ages, and Jessica was delighted to see me crack a smile. I wish it wasn’t snowing so badly, because I want to explore the area, I said as Jess locked the front door behind us.

Kristin is off next week, so how about we see if she will take you on a bus ride, Jessica suggested.

Yes, please, I replied as we started making our way to the bus stop.

Any detours I need to know about, Jessica asked as she showed her WorldSoft ID to the operator.

We are not on snow routing, The operator said as Jess was lifted into the bus.

Thought so, She said as she parked her wheelchair in the securement area, I’m catching the Seattle 550 at Bellevue.

I hopped on, paid my fare – using cash Jessica provided – got my transfer, then sat across from my big sister.

When you get on the 550, you’ll pay again. Your transfer counts then you need to pay the fare difference for two zones, Jessica explained, helping me count my change, while we were waiting for the 550 at Bellevue Transit Center. The ride into Seattle was quite uneventful and soon, Jessica was ringing the bell for 4th Ave and Union Street. Eat first so I don’t make a mess on my suit, I asked.

That makes sense. Let me take you to the food court, Jessica replied, What are you hungry for?

I want to see what is available, but something hot, please, I said – still cold from the light snowfall, and still feeling cold from the darkness of Delores.

We can do that if this slow elevator would respond, Jess said as we waited for the very slow mall elevator. My sister took my hand – she was noticing the sadness still in my face – as she said comfortingly, That pig is out of your life. I want to buy you a January bus pass so you can easily bounce between my house, go visit Dad, or go visit Rachel.

We finally entered the elevator and I asked, You’d get me a pass for both here and down in Pierce?

One monthly pass works in the whole region, Jess replied as the elevator slowly started bringing us upstairs, One of these days, we can go for a regional bus ride so you can see how fa-regular you can get.

I want to visit Rachel, I said.

I am sure Rachel would be delighted if you stayed with her for a few days, Jess replied as the elevator dropped us off, You are always welcome in Bellevue, and I think – since there is more room – you live with me. We can find out when Rachel is off next since it wouldn’t be fair to hog you. You want both of us, and that’s fine. We are both your sisters and we both love you very much.

I pulled my big sister into a hug and that is when we ran across an Italian pizza place that sparked my interest. Pizza, I asked.

Yes, of course, She replied.

We made our way to the counter and placed our orders, and it was not too long before we were happily eating our lunch. Now, I promised you a nice suit and tie for tonight, Jessica said.

Where are you taking me, I asked.

As I started working on the large slice of pizza, she replied, Across the street. Somewhere that old bat would never take you.

Oh, I asked.

You’ll see, She said as we finished eating. I took control of my sister’s wheelchair mainly to give myself something to lean against, and she instructed me on where we were going.

The elevator dropped us off and a few minutes later, we entered the Men’s Suits store, and we were immediately helped. I’m taking my brother to a suit and tie dinner, and I’m so sorry that it is very last minute; we only found out today, Jessica said to the employee.

I think I can come up with something, The clerk said.

We are going there tonight, Jess added.

Not a problem, not a problem, He replied as he looked at me with professional interest. He started sizing me up, and it wasn’t too long before he found the perfect suit and tie.

Jessica paid for the suit then she suggested we proceed to the bus to get back to Bellevue, so that we had some time before the big night. When we get to Bellevue, we have about an hour until we need to be back on the bus, Jessica said as she happily allowed me to place the suit on her lap. I took control of my sister’s wheelchair and it wasn’t long before we were on the 550 heading back across the lake. Once she was secured onto the bus, my sister commented, I noticed that you were fairly upbeat today. You are doing so much better now.

Thank-you, I said nervously.

It is ok. I understand you are still afraid, She replied, instantly picking up on my nervousness. Tonight though, enjoy Christmas Dinner at WorldSoft, She added.

Jessica was determined that nothing bad would happen tonight. She was honestly tired of Delores somehow figuring out where I was and appearing. The mystery being How did Delores know?

The 230 dropped us off and I was grateful that I had my big sister at my side as we entered the house. She took me to our room to get situated and she pulled me into the biggest hug she could muster as she said, I love you. I hated watching you go through Hell, and I’m glad you are finally out of that mess. You’re my brother and I never wanted to see you get hurt like that, but now it is over and done with. Now, we need to get ready for tonight.

My sister released me from the hug and asked, Do you need privacy?

Please, I asked, although I wasn’t as sure anymore – in a good way. As I started changing, I thought about the numerous times Rachel, Jessica, and I all got changed together, or simply took our clothes off together, and not caring one bit about privacy, especially with helping Jessica take care of her personal needs. I quietly thought to myself, I am ready for that again. Tonight, if she doesn’t mind, I want us in our birthday suits like before.

I quickly got changed, then knocked on the door to let her know I was changed and ready for dinner. I’m decent enough, Jess replied as she opened the door.

I hate playing dress up, I said as I looked in the mirror at my suit and tie.

As soon as you get home, feel free to get it off, She replied.

Soon, we were back on the #230 and trudging up to WorldSoft. I hope there is good food, I said, trying to be upbeat.

I don’t drink booze either, after what happened to our cousin, Jessica said, noticing the concern in my voice (and reading my mind). She continued, Tell you what: My team knows how you are feeling right now. If there is anything that any of us can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask. Jessica rang the bell and called forward to the bus operator, Wheelchair, next stop. My sister turned her attention back to me and continued, Tonight, please enjoy the food and the hospitality.

I pushed my sister into the main building where the dinner was being held, and it was as if I was the star of the event. Welcome to WorldSoft, Everyone said, directing their attention at me. Everyone went out of their way to make me feel welcomed, without going too fa-regular to overwhelm me.