Situating Jessica

Good morning, Came a female voice. A voice which always brought me comfort. My baby sister was gently shaking me awake. I then realized I was being kissed on both cheeks, which of course really woke me up. Both of my sisters were at my side, and both were gently kissing me. Good morning, sleepyhead, Jessica said. She looked me in the eye and asked, Will you help your big sister get a shower? Are you ready to help me, like you used to?

We want to get you back into your old swing. It’s why Kristin took you on a date yesterday, Rachel said.

Remember how you used to get me ready for school in the morning, Jessica asked. I smiled as the memories of taking on the big responsibility of washing my older sister every morning and getting her dressed for the school day came back to me. You remember, don’t you, Jessica said.

I do, I said, very weakly, as I realized Jessica was dancing around an extremely sensitive subject that was still bitterly raw.

Come on with us, Rachel said as Jessica transferred to her wheelchair. It will be just like Jessica’s apartment in Federal Way. We want to help get you over that mountain. It appeared that my little sister knew exactly what was bothering me after all.

Let’s do this, I whispered.

Stop me at any time, Rachel replied as she began pulling her night shirt off, attempting to give me a chance to back out. She stood there for a moment with her breasts exposed as she repeated, Stop me at any time. I decided that I was going to do this, to help Jessica.

Rachel finished undressing herself and said, Let’s do this. I finished undressing myself as well and Rachel said, You remember how we did this back in the day I hope.

I think so, I whispered nervously.