Public Market / 550 Bellevue–NE 10th

Kristin took my hand as she said, You and me today. I promised I would take you to see them throw the fish, and we have to get food for Christmas.

I believe this is your first time taking the 550, Kristin said as the bus pulled up after we picked up food from the market.

I read the destination sign out loud, 550 Bellevue-NE 10th, and shook my head no, that I have never been on the 550.

I have your fare, She said as I started digging through my pocket, Don’t forget, leaving Seattle we pay when exiting the bus. We found ourselves a seat and she said, When we get to Bellevue, we will get straight on the 230 and drop this food off. You look tired.

It took me a moment to try to put into words how I was feeling as the bus proceeded to the Rainier Ave Freeway Station, the last stop in Seattle proper. Going through my mind was that I no longer was being abused, and I just struggled to express this in words. Suddenly, my mind was blown away as the bus proceeded onto the Interstate 90 floating bridge as I was taking in the sights that was all new to me. The view of the lake from the bus was absolutely amazing, and I just wanted to take in the sights, marveling at just how much better this bus system was compared to the bus system I had back in Virginia.

Realizing that I was getting overwhelmed, Kristin put her arm around me and said, Don’t worry about her anymore. You have both of your sisters, and you have me. Everything will be alright from now on. The bus finished crossing the bridge, entered a tunnel, and soon the driver was letting us know that we were on Mercer Island. Welcome to Mercer Island. Soon, we will be in Bellevue where we will change buses, Kristin said as the bus came to a stop at the Mercer Island Freeway Station.

Soon, the bus got back on the interstate and we crossed a smaller bridge back onto the mainland. There was a short stop at the South Bellevue Park & Ride, and we were soon off.

Bellevue Transit Center in Bellevue, Washington
Bellevue Transit Center, after Michael and Kristin got off of the 550 from Seattle

It wasn’t too long of a ride up Bellevue Way until we found ourselves in Downtown Bellevue. My eyes were blown away at the sight: another full Downtown like area, and I couldn’t believe it (I was used to just one Downtown back home). Welcome to the Bellevue Transit Center. Again, I have your bus fare. We pay as we get off, Kristin said, pulling out her pass as well as quarters for me. I’m paying for him. Two Zone Transfer for him please, She said to the operator after dropping quarters into the farebox. We were off the bus and it was only a few minutes before our connecting 564 showed up to take us to Renton. Next time, we’ll come here, and I’ll show you around. For now, we have to get this food back to your sister’s apartment.