Night of Comfort

We think it would be best if the three of us were in bed together, Jessica said, gently tugging at me from her wheelchair.

Yeah, we will both lie right at your side in case something goes wrong, Rachel added, looking into my tear-filled eyes, Please don’t cry. You’re safe and sound in Bellevue and both of your sisters will lie at your side tonight. Both women helped me into Jessica’s King-Sized bed then she transferred from her wheelchair to the bed, as Rachel pulled the blankets so the three of us could curl together.

Hug both of us all night if you have to, Jessica said, We aren’t going anywhere.

I whimpered as both women continued to hold me tightly, understanding that I was still in distress over the nasty abusive relationship I just got out of.

Try to get some sleep, Rachel said, You are well protected here in Bellevue, and she does not know where this house is. Last she knew was that apartment in Renton, and I don’t think she knew where that was.

Jessica added, She only ever saw that apartment Rachel and I shared in Federal Way. She doesn’t know where this house is.

I looked at the clock on Jessica’s nightstand: it was only 11 PM and I absolutely could not fall asleep, and I felt bad that I was keeping my two sisters awake through my gentle crying. Something you haven’t done in a long time, Rachel said as she gently adjusted me, You used to always enjoy my boob pillow, and I want you to enjoy it again. She gently adjusted me so that I was lying on her breast.

Rachel, you’re right. His face is lightning up like he used to do, so hope this helps, Jessica–whispered.

Rachel started gently stroking me as I rested there, grateful to have both of my sisters at my side. Jessica joined Rachel in stroking me gently and added, We are your sisters, and we want what is best for you. You always enjoyed having boob pillows, and we both don’t mind you falling asleep like this.

I continued to softly cry as I rested there on my sister’s breast, enjoying the feeling of the silky nightgown she was wearing. Both women continued to gently stroke me, trying to remind me that everything would be OK from now on.

Kristin, I whimpered, looking up into Rachel’s eyes – thinking of her roommate and best friend. My brain went into overdrive trying to think of the right words to say about the woman who was willing to pretend to by my girlfriend to get Delores out of my life.

Jessica grabbed her phone from the nightstand and pulled out the picture of Kristin and I, with arms around each other, in front of the needle. The truth was that I just wanted to study every aspect of that picture. Jessica whispered, Rachel, I think he wants Kristin to hug him again.

My baby sister looked down at me and suggested, She has to work tomorrow. How about I take him on the bus to her–Freddy’s Market and let him pick out a Christmas movie for all of us to watch?