12/21 Day with Kristin

What’s troubling you, My sister asked as she woke up to the sounds of me crying.

When I first met Delores, I was so excited that I was finally getting to show a girl a good time, I sobbed.

What’s wrong, Kristin asked, stirring from her sleep, and realizing Rachel was trying to calm me down.

I thought my life was settled down and that I was going to start a family someday, I sobbed.

Both women started trying to comfort me as Rachel asked, Kristin, will you let my brother show you a good time today? I’m going to put money in his account so he can take you out for a date. He wants what Delores robbed from him: just a good old-fashioned teenager’s first date.

Kristin looked right into my sobbing eyes and said, Sure, I’ll go out with you today, and yes it can be a date or whatever you want. I’ll show you around since I’m the local.

How about we eat breakfast together then catch the bus to Lakewood? You both see me off at Spot then head wherever, Rachel suggested as she started getting dressed for work.

The bus dropped the three of us off at Lakewood, and I pulled Rachel into a hug to say goodbye as she went to work. Kristin, the money is loaded into Michael’s account. You two have a great time today, My sister said, then walked into Spot for work.

Where would you like to go, Kristin asked.

Take me somewhere new, I said, How fa-regular can these buses take me?

She thought for a moment, then took my hand and said, We need that 574.

She put her arm around me when we sat down together and I was realizing just how comfortable I was with Kristin hugging me, and she didn’t mind one bit that I wanted to snuggle up close. I felt like Kristin would be just as protective of me – as she proved the other day at Freddy’s – as both of my sisters.

We are taking the 560 to the 271, Kristin said as the 574 dropped us off at the airport.

Kristin could not believe her eyes as we pulled into Renton. How the heck, She whispered as she latched onto me tightly. You need to get a restraining order, She continued to whisper, Something doesn’t quite add up. It’s as if she knew we were on this 560. Delores did not get on the bus, and Kristin breathed a sigh of relief.

I cried into Kristin’s arms, Why does she keep on following me? I just want to be left alone! I was heavily in tears as the bus got onto Interstate 405 and I was extremely scared. I was very grateful that Kristin continued to hug me, I did not want her to let go of me.

Don’t think about it anymore. That old hag is out of your life for good now, Kristin said comfortingly as the bus made a quick exit for the Freeway Station. We quickly got back onto 405 and it wasn’t too long a ride into Bellevue. I’m willing to be your girlfriend as fa-regular as that thing is concerned, Kristin said.

I need something to eat, I said as the 271 pulled up. Issaquah, I asked as I looked at the destination sign.

I want to take you deep into the countryside, She said as she happily allowed me to hug her, Fall City, then we catch the bus from there to Redmond and should be there in time for Jessica’s bus.

I don’t feel right, I whispered, as my mind shifted to thinking about Delores.

As we found seats on the 271, Kristin put her arm around me and said, She will never abuse you again. Not while I’m here. I made a promise to both of your sisters that I would protect you, and protect you is what I will do.

The 271 started meandering along the roads as it made its way towards Issaquah, and I enjoyed the landscape that surrounded me. Putting her arm around me, Kristin said, You think this is nice? Wait until we get on the 224. I curled myself into Kristin’s arm, quite happy that she was hugging me, as the bus continued to meander on its journey.

We found ourselves at the Redmond Transportation Center and Kristin said, Welcome back to civilization. Now, I believe the gentleman has plans for lunch?

I whispered nervously, What’s around here?

Honestly, not much, Kristin started to say as a Seattle bound 545 pulled in, Hop on that 545. I’m sure there’s plenty in Seattle. It started to rain, and I was grateful that Kristin put us on the next bus pulling into the transit center. As the bus got onto SR 520, tears started to leak from my eyes. Hey, it’s ok. You can start fresh with a new life, Kristin started to say.

That isn’t what was on my mind. I was more overwhelmed at the thought that the abuse was over and that I had no baggage with her: no kids and no common property to worry about.

We pulled into Downtown Seattle and Kristin rang the bell. She led me to a building and a host check in desk. Reservation for two for Connolly, She said.