Snohomish County

We promised you a regional tour, Rachel said, And we want to start with Snohomish County.

Kristin added, We want to take you somewhere you have never been yet.

Jessica said, We promise you will have a good time. The 230 pulled up as Jessica added, We will take the 230 to the transit center where there is the #535 express bus to Lynnwood. We will just go bus to bus and stop somewhere to eat when it is time.

535 Lynnwood, The driver announced as he opened the front door, and Jessica wheeled herself into position to indicate that she wanted to ride.

Yes, I am riding, She called to the driver. Turning her attention back to us she said, Let’s take him to both malls while we are up there.

We will ride buses from all three agencies up there today, Kristin giggled, remembering how obsessed with city buses I was.

Jessica flashed her WorldSoft ID as she said, I’m getting off at Lynnwood Mall.

Rachel and Kristin each took a seat on either side of me, with Jessica secured in the wheelchair area across from us, and both women put their arms around me. Kristin asked, Have you ever been to Snohomish County yet?

My mind was blank, so Rachel answered, I don’t think so. Last time when Jess lived in Federal Way, the most we did was Seattle. You saw how restricted he was over these past several days, and I think he is trying his hardest to forget.

Jessica noticed it first as she whispered, Rachel, he is slipping. You know what to do. Let Kristin help you; I think he will appreciate that.

My baby sister looked into my eyes and saw the distinctive fading out effect and immediately latched onto me as she whispered, Kristin, he needs us.

Eventually we arrived at the mall, and my eyes just lit up. Welcome to Lynnwood, Jessica giggled as Rachel and Kristin guided me off the bus.

Where would you like to go, Jessica asked as she was learning the controls to her new electric wheelchair.

What is in the mall, I asked as we approached the crosswalk.

It’s a mall. We just though you would enjoy going someplace new, Kristin replied as we started crossing Lynnwood Mall Parkway.

I’m getting cold, I said as the warmth of the bus was finally wearing off. All three women guided me to the entrance to the department store that was closest.

Later, we found ourselves on the bus to Everett and it just dawned on me, This is where that girl from my tenth-grade year said she lived.

My sister looked at me, fully expecting me to get upset, ready to hold me tightly if needed, but for some reason, I did not fall into an episode. I was surprised just how at ease I was myself as the bus exited the freeway and made its way onto the city streets.