New Year, New Life

I would like to make you an offer. How would you like to live with me while you figure out what you want to do, Jessica suggested.

I apprehensively pulled Rachel into a hug as I mumbled, I want to go home. I miss Virginia.

Rachel said, We know you want to go home, but we also want you to give it a chance out here. You have a bus pass that activates on Monday, and we think you should settle down here where we can keep an eye on you until you’re back on your feet.

Would you like to go to school out here? I could see about enrolling you in the community college. It’s only a 30 minute bus ride from here, Jessica suggested.

It is probably too late for Winter quarter. He will need to be enrolled for spring quarter at the soonest, Rachel said.

Quarter, I asked.

We break the year up into four equal parts out here. If you want to go back to school, we can have you start in April, Rachel explained, Now, would you like to return to school?

I really just want to go back home, I said. Both of my sisters hugged me and I continued, I love you both, but this does not feel like home.

We understand, but all we ask is that you at least stay here and we will help you rebuild your life, Jessica said, as both of my sisters continued to hug me.

Here is what we are going to do: you can stay with Kristin and I for a couple of days, then I will help you move to Bellevue with Jessica, Rachel said, I love you just as much as Jessica does.

The truth was that I was enjoying the closeness that I was receiving from both girls, and glad that they were not going to pressure me into anything — they were my sisters after all. Jessica asked, Where would you like to spend New Years?

Honestly, I want you both, I said, continuing to hug both women.

That’s a given, you will spend New Years with us, Rachel replied, Do you want to spend it here in Bellevue or University Place?

What about dad and Cathy, I asked.

If they are joining us, we should probably migrate to University Place. They will complain about gas even if I offer, Jessica said.

Don’t they live in DuPont or something, I asked.

They do, and University Place will be easier for they to get to, and it lets me be on the first floor also. They live on the second floor of their building, Jessica explained, If we are going to head to U.P. then we should get moving sooner rather than later.

What time is the next bus, I asked.

Jessica looked at her watch and said, We just missed a 230 and they come every 30 minutes.

How about you gather some of your things and come spend a long weekend, including New Years, in University Place with Kristin and I? Jess, when does WorldSoft resume working, Rachel asked.

Tuesday, since New Years falls on Monday, Jessica said, I can stay until Monday, then I have to get back to Bellevue. She then turned to me and said, All of your big things can stay here. I own this house, and I would love for you to live with me.

New Years Weekend in University Place

The bus pulled up to the Freddy’s Market, and Jessica called forward, Wheelchair getting off.. I got off the bus, happily pulled Kristin into a hug, and wait for Jessica to wheel off of the bus.

Here is the plan, Kristin said once the light turned green to let us cross, We want you to come collect your things and this coming week, Rachel will help you move into Jessica’s with all of your things. You will always be welcomed to visit us, but since Jessica owns that house, we wouldn’t have to hide you from a landlord.

We got inside and Rachel turned on the TV to the show that was doing a New Years countdown when the phone rang. Jessica picked it up, We are in University Place and want you to join us for New Years. I am offering you gas and dinner. No, not all the way in Bellevue! We are at Rachel’s apartment in University Place and your son wants you to come. Don’t worry about gas, I’ll fill your tank up! So, please, come to University Place and spend New Years with us.

Special Night with a Special Sibling

Happy New Year, Everyone shouted as the clock hit midnight and 2006 officially became 2007. I was tired, but glad that I could spend New Years with family: my two sisters, as well as my younger sister’s roommate, were at my side.

We need to discuss sleeping arrangements, Kristin said, I assume you will share with Rachel.

Rachel said, If all three of us can fit on my bed, Jess you are invited too.

I will take the sofa if I don’t fit, Jessica replied, Michael should definitely not sleep alone: he is still too frightened. I will get my turn when he moves to Bellevue anyway.

As we suspected, the three of us did not fit on Rachel’s bed. I will take the sofa. Think you two could help me in the restroom before bed, Jessica asked.

We can, Rachel said. Kristin offered me one last hug goodnight, then I followed my two sisters into the bathroom, taking the controls of Jessica’s wheelchair.

Since the bed is too small for three of us, I want you two to enjoy a night together. Michael, you are going to move to Bellevue with me, and I promise you won’t have to sleep alone when you get there. In the meantime, enjoy a week with Rachel. Now for the real reason I asked you two to come to the bathroom with me: I have to use the toilet.

Once Jessica was finished with her business, Rachel and I helped her to the sofa, and tucked her in. She hugged and kissed us good night, then Rachel gently tugged me towards her bedroom.

I don’t have to return to work until Wednesday, so I want a day with you before sending you back up to Bellevue, My little sister said as she closed the bedroom door. At Jessica’s request, she did not lock in case Jess needed help overnight. We can change into night clothes. Turn away from each other, and get changed, Rachel asked.

Sure, I replied.

(The Next Night)

I go back to work the day after tomorrow, so I will help you get what little you have up to Bellevue, then I have to return here, Rachel said, hugging me, Like Kristin said, you are welcome to visit and we will visit you and Jessica when we can. Jessica has something to show you when you get to Bellevue tomorrow. Rachel noticed the grip I had on her, and snuggled closer. You just want to hold me tightly all night long, Rachel asked in whisper, once it was just the two of us in her bedroom.

Yes, I whimpered.

You have a little sister in bed next to you who will gladly let you hug her and cuddle with her whenever you want, She replied, sensing a hint of fear in my voice, Just hold me as much as you need. She adjusted herself so that we were snuggled even closer to each other, which was very comfortable. She paused for a moment to think, then said, I have no problem making this ‘our bedroom’ and this bed ‘our bed’ when you are visiting. By now, I was crying as the emotional overload was hitting me. There is something on your mind, She said in a matter of fact voice.

It’s how we used to sleep. What we slept in I guess, I sobbed.

It’s ok that you’re thinking about how you two slept. Answer me honestly: you both slept naked and you miss that right now, My sister asked. I nodded in agreement as a tear dropped onto her shirt. Let me guess you wish you could still sleep nude like you used to do. I nodded again. If you want, and yes, I’m being very serious, we can sleep nude together tonight. Honestly? I don’t mind at all. Since you’re going to ask yes, you may touch me in those places. Heck, you like to lie on my boobs and yes I know it’s comfortable for you. I looked into my sister’s eyes and she had a serious look. Let’s take our clothes off, She said, You won’t be happy until we are naked. Just remember one thing: the only one who needs to know is Jessica and if I’m going to be honest: I’d rather that Shenna has your virginity and not that pig. I blushed at that remark and Rachel whispered, Think of it like this: you don’t have to say that the abusive one, nor her cousin were your first, Rachel paused to collect her thoughts.

We were both in our birthday suits and I was surprised that I didn’t want to take Rachel up on her offer of me playing doctor with her. I was still crying, and I figured that I was too upset to want anything more that boob pillow and her comfort. The time difference meant that we were both still awake, but all I wanted was to be cuddled with. I don’t mind being naked in bed with you, She whispered while comforting me as best as she could. I was still sobbing in her arms. Lie on my boob, She whispered trying her best to calm me down. As my tears slowly started to subside, she whispered, You may touch my naughty bits if you want. My sister continued to happily let me snuggle in her arms as we both slowly fell asleep. I decided that I did not want to take her up on the offer of touching or even really looking, as I still felt like I was trying to get my life back together.