Moving to Bellevue

Morning rolled around and I woke up to see that I wasn’t alone. As promised, Rachel was still sleeping at my side. We were both in our birthday suits, and I crawled over to cuddle up with her, lying on her breast like I often did back in the day (although never in the nude). Remembering how she said I could touch her if I really wanted, I tested the waters by cupping my hand on her other breast. She started to stir and whispered, Rub my nipple.

Good morning, I replied sleepily.

Good morning, My sister replied, also half asleep, I meant it when I said you could touch my privates. And I do mean any of my privates. She yawned then continued (a bit more awake), You’re curious, and you miss doing certain things with that pig. Just keep it quiet, and we probably shouldn’t tell Kristin. I continued to play with one of her nipples while suckling on her other nipple. Just be gentle. I’ll need them someday if I ever have kids, She whispered.

She refused to do this with me, I whispered as my own sister continued to let me caress her. Nothing gentle like this, I added in clarification.

She wouldn’t let you touch her pussy, Rachel asked all the sudden, quite out of the blue I might add. I shook my head no. Please touch my pussy if you want, She whispered.

You mean it, I asked with a tear in my eye.

Rachel responses by opening her legs and said, Now, since I’m your sister, we shouldn’t even be doing this, but if you just want to see what it looks like, please feel fee to look and gently touch.

I adjusted myself and couldn’t believe I was being allowed to look at my sister’s vagina, let alone touch it. I started touching her and she happily guided my hand as she whispered, This. Feel it? It’s my clit and the more you rub it, the better a girl feels when she is horny. I just couldn’t believe I was being allowed to fool around with Rachel’s pussy and soon I looked into her eyes longingly.

I never got to do this before, I managed to say, very nervously.

Be honest with me, She said with a look of deep understanding, You want to have sex. She carefully picked her words as she continued, The last time you’ve done it is the one I refuse to count: that night when you got hurt. Now, you’re giving me the impression that you’re ready to have sex again, but you want it from someone you know won’t hurt you. I looked down at her pussy again, unable to make eye contact out of fear.

Before we continue and yes, I’m ok with continuing, I want you to know that I’m now on birth control. Jess and I both went on the shot when our cousin gave birth. I’m going to gladly let you have sex with me as long as you promise we don’t tell anyone except Jessica, Rachel said.

She exhaled a long breath and I asked, What is it?

Truthfully, I’ve never was prepared for how badly she treated you, My sister replied. She took a breath again and said, I’m ready to have sex with you.

My sister opened her legs invitingly and had me lie on top of her as my cock slid into her wet pussy. I pulled her into a hug as she whispered, I want this. I definitely want to have sex with my brother. I started thrusting in and out of her then suddenly stopped. Keep going. It’s ok. I’m on birth control, Rachel gasped, I promise I’m on birth control! Please, fuck me! I don’t care that we’re brother and sister.

I went back to thrusting my cock in and out of my sister’s overeager pussy. Make out with me, She giggled, Anything you’d want to do with a girlfriend you may do with me! That’s when I emptied my load into her and collapsed in exhaustion.

Wait, did I just do my sister, I asked myself out loud.

You just had sex with a female you trust, She whispered, nuzzling with me, You just had sex with a female that actually loves you. Now, we should clean up before heading out.

Packing Up & Heading to Jessica

My sister took me to the bathroom so that we could clean up and said, I want you to take a shower with me, then I will help you pack up and send you to Bellevue. I will ride the bus with you, since you’re still learning your way out here.

A tear leaked from my eye as I followed my sister into the bathroom. I whispered, I wish I could live with you.

I know I am your favorite sister. I think I’ve known that ever since we spent the summer together with Jess in Federal Way, Rachel replied.

I love Jessica too, I stammered.

I know. We are both your sisters, and we both have the same claim to you. It’s not that I don’t want you here, please don’t get me wrong. We rent this place, and Jessica owns her place. Since your name is not on our lease… Rachel struggled to finish that though, seeing that I was getting more and more upset. Tell you what: I will make it a point to visit with you and Jessica as much as I reasonably can. Bellevue is not too far a bus ride, and she will probably want an extra set of hands for getting groceries. My baby sister cleared her throat and continued, Now, I want us cleaned up. We don’t need to smell like we just had sex before going on a trip.

After cleaning up, Rachel and I headed back to her bedroom where she asked, Everything you have is here in my room, correct?

Yeah, I replied, looking at the few things that I had in my name.

Here is your gym bag for your clothes, and the backpack Jessica just bought for you for your laptop, My sister replied, helping me to gather everything, Jessica will help you unpack and sort everything when she gets off work tonight. While you finish packing, let me make us some food for the road. Come on out to the living room and I’ll have make for you to eat.

Rachel, this feels weird saying goodbye, but at least it is on good terms, I whispered when I came out from her bedroom.

I promise I will visit you when I can. I have work and school, and Jessica would like for you to find a job. Yes, we know you want to go back to Virginia, and maybe that can happen. For now, make it happen with Jess. We are both very happy that you are out west with us, Rachel said as she brought two bowls of cereal to the table. I gave her a meaningful look and she asked, Did you enjoy having sex with me? First, I enjoyed it too. Also, Jessica will gladly let you cuddle up with her, climb into bed with her, and have sex with her too. She is just as much your sister as I am, and I have no problems with you living with her.

My kid sister hit the nail on the head. I did not want to admit it, but yes, Rachel was my favorite sister. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed Jessica’s company, but I enjoyed being with Rachel more. I wish I could go home to Virginia and take you with me, I whispered as we finished our cereal.

I noticed you were happier here in this apartment with me. Maybe when the lease ends here, I could consider moving in with you and Jess. You see, Kristin is about to graduate Lakewood Community College this semester and found a school out of state. I will not be done community college so maybe I could attend the community college up in Bellevue, Rachel suggested as she washed our bowls. She put on her coat and said, Now, we have a bus to catch. I will take you to Bellevue, but I won’t be able to stay. I need to get back home since I go back to work tomorrow.

What time do you have to go, I asked as we headed out to catch a bus.

I can probably stay until Jessica gets off of work, Rachel replied, No we aren’t crossing the street. We need to head to Lakewood to catch the 574. Yes, it seems weird, but it is faster to head down then go back up. Your new bus pass: you can start using it now. Just show it to the bus operator and you will be good to go.

Rachel and I showed our passes and we both found a seat together. My sister put her arm around me and said, I can probably stay with you until dinner, but then I need to catch a bus home.

I was happy that my sister was more than happy to hug me for most of the bus ride from University Place down to Lakewood. However, I was getting separation anxiety as we changed buses for the express to the airport. Rachel tried to put my mind at ease as she noted how comfortable the seats were on this bus compared to the local bus.

We arrived at the airport and the bus to Bellevue was waiting for time. We hopped on board and found a seat. You can hug kid sister as much as you need to, Rachel whispered as she was sensing my separation anxiety.

Rachel, I want to go home to Virginia, I said as I looked at the different features of the airport while the bus sat there waiting for time. Soon, the bus was on the move leaving the airport.

I understand, Rachel replied.

I want the three of us to be together again, but I also want to go home, I replied.

I want you to at least give being out here a chance, Rachel said as the bus made its way onto Interstate 405.

Arrival in Bellevue

Rachel unlocked the front door and said, Jessica wanted us to call her when we arrived. We should probably use her house phone.

Rachel put the phone on speaker and, after following the prompts to dial a direct extension, we heard, WorldSoft, this is Jessica.

Michael and I safely made it to your house. I can stay until an early dinner, then I need to catch a bus home. He is a little upset that I have to go back to Pierce County without him, Rachel said.

I know, Jessica said, You are his favorite sister – there is no question about that.

Hi Jess, I said, feeling a bit deflated as if she found out a secret.

Hi Michael. Are you feeling alright? Do you need anything, Jessica asked.

I paused and Rachel said, I think he is unsure about telling you what we did this morning. Something that I’m glad that Delores did not get to rob from him. I started blushing and Rachel giggled, continuing, Our brother is blushing.

That is good that you got him over that mountain. Rachel, I think I’m going to pay for a cab for you to go home. I think there is something that he is going to want. If you two need to relieve that special kind of stress, grab a towel and make yourselves at home on my bed. I will be on the bus around 4:15. Michael, it is ok: I know what you and Rachel did this morning, and I am OK with it. I am also OK knowing that Rachel is your favorite sister. You’re afraid of sleeping alone: don’t be, because you may climb into bed with me. Now, I should get back to work before our family secrets gets spilled. I love you both and look forward to seeing both of you tonight. Rachel, again, I’ll call a cab for you after dinner, Jessica said.

Once Rachel hung up the phone, she started blushing and giggling. I suppose you want to have sex with me again, She giggled.

I think you know the answer to that, I replied, blushing just as much as my sister was.

Jessica Arrives Home

We are picking up your wheelchair passenger, our older sister, Rachel said to the operator when the bus doors opened.

A few moments later, Jessica exited the bus and the wheelchair lift set her down on the sidewalk. She immediately pulled me into a hug and asked, Did you enjoy fooling around with Rachel? Let’s get inside, and I want you both to help me in the bathroom. We got inside the house and Jessica said, Once you two help me with using the toilet, I have something special in mind. Jessica started blushing herself and continued, How about the three of us climb into bed together. I want to have sex. Jessica looked at me and giggled, I was hoping that you would want to have sex with both of your sisters tonight. We will go at your pace, but this was the reason I offered Rachel a cab: how would you like to, as that movie put it, do two chicks at the same time? It was now my turn to blush as Jessica asked, Rachel, you want to join us?

Yes, I absolutely want to. I think someone has been looking forward to being in bed with two naked women all afternoon, My younger sister giggled. Turning her attention to me, she promised, You get to fool around with both of us, I will stay for dinner, then I do have to go home tonight to go back to work tomorrow.

We arrived in Jessica’s bedroom, and I was beyond excited to know what I was about to get myself into. If you need us to stop at any time, we will understand. If it feels like you are asking us to stop, but you can’t seem to say stop, we will not proceed unless you specifically tell us to continue. Affirmative consent: you have to ‘say yes’ to ‘mean yes’ because we are your sisters and we care about you, Jessica said.

Yes, I want to have sex with you two, I whispered nervously, afraid of pushing my luck.

That was the cue that both of my sisters took to slowly undress themselves, and I was grateful to be in the company of two women who would not hurt me ever.

I want to try something to help you, A fully naked Jessica said, Rachel, I want us to sit next to each other with our legs gently spread open. I want Michael to see that we both have the same pussies. Jessica then turned to me and continued, I am hoping that you seeing both of us naked together helps. I know you consider Rachel to be your favorite, and I want you to know I love you just as much as Rachel does.

I found myself just wanting to cuddle with both girls, and I was grateful that all three of us were in bed naked together. I reached down and started touching Jessica and she whispered, Yes, you may touch my pussy. You may have sex with me.

You may touch me and have sex with me also, Rachel whispered, I also don’t mind you making out with me if you want.

I am comfortable being made out with also, Jessica whispered, How about this? Anything Rachel is comfortable with, you may do with me also. I do not mind you making full blown love with us if you want. Whatever sexual desire you have, I am just as open as Rachel is. Tonight, yes, you will sleep in bed with me, and yes, we will sleep naked together if you want us to.

That put my mind at ease, with the whole thought of if I did it with Rachel, I would be allowed to do it with Jessica was one of two big things on my mind, with the other being that Jessica did acknowledge that Rachel was clearly my favorite. Jessica of course did have a point: she was just as much my sister as Rachel was, and I was glad that she was just as willing to let me fool around with her as I was allowed to fool around with Rachel. I started to gently touch Jessica who encouraged me to go on and touch her vagina at whatever pace I was comfortable with. I want to have sex with both of you, I whispered.

Blushing, Jessica repositioned herself to lie on the bed and Rachel followed suit. I climbed on top of Jessica and asked, What can we do given your legs don’t work?

Jessica gently grabbed me down there and whispered, That goes inside of me. She blushed as my hard shaft found itself at home inside of her eager pussy. She groaned as she grunted, I promise you that we are both still on birth control. We are in a house now, and we can be as loud as we want, as obnoxious as we want, and as messy as we want.

That seemed to unlock my feelings, as even though I was already officially having sex with Jessica, I finally felt like I wanted to have sex with both girls, taking turns, and just living out – if only for a single evening – my wildest sexual fantasies.

I suddenly grabbed Jessica, and started thrusting my cock in and out of her suddenly extremely wet pussy. Jessica started screaming in immense pleasure, and I followed suit. Deciding that I didn’t want Rachel to miss out, I slid my fingers into her vagina and started fooling around probing inside and seeing how deep I was able to go.

I took turns with having sex with both of my sisters, and dumped a few loads of cum into their pussies until all three of us were worn out and sweating profusely. We should shower off together, I will cook dinner, and finally, Rachel I did promise you a cab ride home, Jessica said. I was trying my hardest to not feel the emotions of having to say goodbye to Rachel, but she did have to return to work the next day.

Rachel had Jessica sit on a towel on her wheelchair to contain the mess of cum leaking from her pussy, and the three of us headed to the bathroom. We took turns using the toilet, and Jessica got the water going.

Evening with Jessica

So now, it was just Jessica and I. She pulled me into a hug and promised, Tonight, you will share the bed with me, and we can absolutely sleep naked and have sex if you want to. I want us to at least sleep naked in bed together. Jessica led me to the bedroom and started getting undressed. This room will be our room now while you get yourself back on track. Yes, I know you want to go home to Virginia, and who knows, that may happen someday. In the meantime, please enjoy living with big sis. She finished getting herself undressed and said, Only fair, I want you to be naked too. I followed suit and undressed myself in front of Jessica climbed onto the bed with her, and she gently grabbed my special part and played with it a little in a way that felt nice. I responded by reaching down and touching her special part, slowly sticking my fingers inside of her. I want to see if I can make you do it just by playing with it, My sister giggled as she played with my dick, I want you to play with my pussy until I orgasm too. Don’t worry, we will of course actually have sex tonight. I just want to try something.

I never done this before. Not with Rachel, not with Shenna, I gasped.

Let’s wash up then head to bed. Tomorrow, I am going to give you my house key, some money, and I want you to go get yourself a copy. Get yourself some food while you’re traveling, and I want you to meet me at WorldSoft at 5 PM when I get off work, Jess said, as we both wiped the sweat off of each others’ faces.

I helped my exhausted sister into her wheelchair, making sure to place a towel onto the seat to catch any of the good stuff as I wheeled her to the bathroom. We took turns on the toilet, then she invited me into her wheelchair adapted shower. I can do this by myself, but I am enjoying your company. We will take turns getting washed up, then I promise we can sleep naked together, She said as she got the water to an acceptable temperature.

We finished our shower, I wheeled Jessica to the bedroom, and after helping her into bed, I joined her. I promised we could sleep naked if you wanted. Rachel told me how you were curious and just wanted to look at her vagina more than you wanted to have sex with her. Jessica noticed the look on my face and said, She isn’t mad at you, and neither am I. Jessica then pulled me into a hug and continued, I get that you want to go home, but I would like you to stay here at least until I can help you rebuild your life. School around here starts in April for the Spring, and I don’t mind helping you get into the community college out here.

I was really enjoying Rachel’s company over this long weekend, I whimpered, deciding to let the cat out of the bag.

I know, and I have no problem with that. She is your sister just as much as I am — yes I know she is your favorite. We both love you and are glad you are out of that disaster of a relationship, Jessica said, continuing to hug me as we rested in her bed together.

I love you too Jess. I think my feelings for Rachel stem from the divorce and how we were forced apart, compared to when you left for college and how it was planned for ages, I said, tightening my grip on my older sister, wanting to hug her even more.

I do miss our childhood, Jessica said.

Delaney Street, I replied in a reminiscent voice.