Living with Jessica

Morning rolled around, and I was woken up by a big bear hug from my older sister. Good morning little brother, She whispered while hugging me tightly, Time to get up and time for me to go to work. We showered last night, so let me offer breakfast: bowls of cereal. Then, we will catch the bus to WorldSoft. I want you to explore, but get back to WorldSoft by 5.

Good morning sis, I whispered, not wanting to stop hugging her but understanding that we had things to do. I started to get dressed as she did the same. I took her up on her offer of a bowl of cereal, and we started heading outside. You wanted me to have your key, I asked.

Right. I want you to head to a hardware store and get yourself a copy of my key for yourself. Get yourself some lunch in your travels and be back at WorldSoft by 5 and we will get dinner, Jessica said as she was locking the front door. She took her key off of her key ring, and handed it to me. Feel free to get a key ring and something to attach to it so you won’t lose it. She then activated the joystick of her new electric wheelchair and I followed her to the bus stop.

It was not too long before the 230 picked us up, and the ride to WorldSoft was a short ten minute trip up the street. To be honest, I was surprised at how close we were, and felt like I could’ve ridden my bike that distance when we were younger. Once we were off of the bus, Jessica said, Let me take you to where you will meet up with me tonight, then I want you to enjoy your day.

Evening with Jessica

The 545 dropped me off at the Northeast 40th Freeway Station, and I walked over to where Jessica wanted me to wait. I made it with ten minutes to spare, both keys in my hand, and a nice starter keychain for myself. I found a place to sit down, and was not surprised that it was cold. Seattle winters felt harsh, but at least there was no snow.

I saw one of the WorldSoft company shuttles pull up, and got excited when the operator got out and opened the back door where the wheelchair lift was. My heart skipped a beat when I saw my sister appear on the lift, grateful that I was not being thrown away. My sister hugged me and asked, You hungry for dinner?

I am, I replied, What did you have in mind?

She saw a 545 heading towards Seattle start to make its round coming into the transit center and said, Get on the 545 and tell the driver that a wheelchair is coming.

OK, I said as I made my way over to the stop. I boarded the bus, showed my pass, and as I pointed out the door to Jessica rolling towards the bus, said, She is riding. I then politely said to people, Could I have these seats please? There is a wheelchair about to board. The WorldSoft employees were more than willing to get up, seeing Jessica make her way to the bus, and one of them helped me flip the seat up.

We crossed the bridge into Seattle, the bell made a distinctive ring, and Jessica called forward, Wheelchair getting off.

I got off of the bus and waited for my sister. Normally, I will want to take the bus home, but tonight I thought you could use a decent meal, Jessica explained, While we were here, I wanted to get you some clothes as well.

We made our way into the mall, and Jessica said, Food first, then warm clothes for you. The 550 will bring us back to Bellevue and the 230 will bring us home from there. It was a bit of a shock to me seeing the mall no longer having its Christmas decorations, but I shrugged it off. Jessica took me to the elevator and I held her hand while we waited for it to arrive.

We arrived on the third floor and made our way to the food court where Jessica treated us to the pizza place. We each had a slice, a side, and a drink before we headed back downstairs to one of the department stores that was crowded with the After Christmas Sales rush. I followed Jessica to the men’s department and we found some clothes for me. I like this one, I said as we looked at a few shirts.

You were never very picky as a kid, My sister giggled.

I never liked getting clothes as Christmas gifts, I groaned.