WorldSoft Reunion

The 564 pulled into Overlake Transit Center and I noticed a crowd of people waiting where the bus pulled up. The driver explained, I don’t leave for 20 minutes.

One of them said, We know. We’re picking up. My coworker’s brother and his girlfriend should be on board.

I hopped off the bus with Delores closely behind and, after looking around, asked, Where’s my sister? Where’s Jessica?

She’s inside. Could I have a private word, The first said.

She took me off to the side and Delores followed. She said, I need a private word with just Michael. Turning her attention to the crowd, she said, Ellen, could you come here please? Lucy and Kyle: please take Delores onto the next shuttle.

I am Andromeda, Jessica’s boss and this is Ellen. Ellen, would you please describe how you found Jessica and in what state this morning, Andromeda said.

Ellen started explaining how she found Jessica on the Sounder crying and was scared for me. She took my hand and said point blank, Your sister. She’s crying right now. She’s hurting, badly. She’s scared for you.

I didn’t know how I wanted to react. True, Jessica never cried for anything, but I didn’t like that she was wanting me to dump my girlfriend.

Andromeda led me on the second shuttle to come in and called on the radio phone, Lucy: Michael’s on the shuttle now. How’s Jessica?

She’s still crying, Lucy responded grimly.

Have her come to the Shuttle Stop, Andromeda said, We just left the TC.

We arrived at the shuttle stop and I saw my sister waiting sitting in her wheelchair. She was sobbing badly as I exited the shuttle.

Jessica pulled me into a big hug and said, I’m going to be blunt and get straight to the damn point: Why the Hell do you stay with her? I need a straight answer, especially after what happened the other night.

I couldn’t believe this. Jess, what, I asked, not being able to keep a straight eye. Jessica noticed it immediately.

My sister grabbed my chin and pulled so that she could look me in the eye. She barked, Look at me! Why do you stay with her? She’s hurting you and I want you to come to Renton with me tonight. She continued sobbing and I just couldn’t bear seeing my big sis this upset.

Jess why are you acting like this, I asked.

She slapped me across the cheek and said, Don’t you get it? She’s treating you like gutter trash! Leave her and come to Renton!

I got angry. Never had either of my sisters slapped me and I was surprised, especially when Jessica then pulled me into a hug and said, I love you. I hate seeing your life being destroyed in front of my eyes. She sobbed some more and said, I’m sorry I slapped you, but I hope it knocked some sense into you. Please understand I was crying like this ever since I got on the train in Kent this morning.

I’m outside now and can hear you better mom, We all heard Delores say, You want to fly me home? Meanwhile, KSEA-FM was playing Christmas tunes over someone’s small handheld radio and we heard Cram’s This Christmas kick in and – just like last time – I started tearing up and Jessica was more than willing to comfort me.

Trevor was waiting at Jessica’s desk with a chair pulled up for me as we arrived at Jessica’s desk. Andromeda arrived moments later with a BLT no T, a big pickle, a small bag of chips, and a can of soda. Here, we are offering some lunch. You look like you haven’t eaten in ages, Jessica said as a chair was rolled up to me. Please, have a seat, Jess said as I sat down. Yes, I was extremely happy to get something into my system but was still surprised that I was slapped by my own sister.

What, I get nothing, Delores asked angrily.

All of Jessica’s coworkers gave her an extremely dirty look, and one of them piped up, Delores. Leave! Goodbye, and do not set foot on WorldSoft campus ever again!

A few minutes later after being dragged outside by a clearly agitated Delores, Delores’s aunt pulled up and insisted, It’s time to go. Get in the car, now! Jessica and her coworkers looked on in horror as we sped off to Kent.

That does it… Was the last thing we heard from a coworker as we sped off for Interstate 405.

We arrived back in Kent and the aunt explained, We’re going to have Mac & Cheese + Cheese Dogs for dinner. Delores, you, and Brandy will have the whole upstairs to yourselves tonight; I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight. Delores, I know you’ve been aching to have sex so why not all three of you have some naughty fun upstairs. Just try not to be too loud. Brandy is going to join in and planned on staying up all night so you three can have all the fun in the world.

As we headed up after dinner, I started thinking about Jessica’s offer. That all went away when I saw both girls completely naked. I then started thinking to myself, I’ll go along with this, but I’m not sure I’ll enjoy it. Now I wished I listened to my sister.