Off to Pierce County

Delores knew I wanted to see my little sister badly. I know you haven’t seen your little sis in ages, She said as we were being dropped off at 10th & Commerce. We decided to catch the #2 like Jessica told us – the long way – since it was so early in the morning.

The driver announced Bridgeport & 67th. Freddy’s Market and the bus came to a stop to pick up a passenger. I watched her get on and flash a pass to the driver. She sat down in the seats behind Delores and I was quite delighted, but too afraid to say something.

The bus dropped us off at Lakewood and, pretending I didn’t recognize Kristin, I politely asked, Do you know where the Spot is? –She pointed without saying anything, and we made our way over. It just so happened that Rachel was putting office supplies back on the shelf and she couldn’t believe it.

Michael! What are you doing out in Washington? I then hugged my sister very tightly and she said, I can’t really talk now.

I needed a notebook anyways for class, that’s why I came in, Kristin said.

Rachel looked at her watch and said, Yeah, you need your 212A.

I hugged Rachel goodbye as Kristin took Delores and I to the checkout to pay for her notebook. We headed to the bus stop and Kristin gave me a big hug goodbye as she boarded her 212A.

Delores gave me a sideways look as we boarded the 204. Who was that She asked.

My sister’s roommate, I replied, wondering why I would have to explain that.

Delores snorted, You like a toothpick more than me?

She is my sister’s best friend, and she already has a boyfriend, I stammered.

She said smirking, Good because you are spoken for by me! Besides, Brandy and I have plans for you as soon as we get back to the house…

We arrived at the mall where the bus to Kent would pick us up shortly, when Jessica’s boss contacted me.