Jessica’s Reunion

Delores and I arrived at King Street Station at 4:15 and made our way to the Rail Northwest counter. Is the 509 on time? I’m waiting for my sister coming down from Vancouver, I asked.

It’s actually running a few minutes early, The agent said after looking up the information, Platform 2.

I was excited and got a cell call, Hey Jess. Delores and I are at King Street Station. The agent told us you’re running a few minutes early.

Sure enough, Jessica was about 10 minutes early. When she got off the train, she hugged me tightly, and groaned at the thought of me still being with Delores.

Jessica looked at her watch then said, We’ll have time to talk on the train. We’re going to Auburn, right?

That’s right. My aunt will pick us up in Auburn, Delores said.

Jess showed us the way to the commuter rail platform and explained, The reason for the rush is because I want to get good seats. The Tacoma train is very popular. It’s kind of confusing: you’ll need to take me up the elevator and then down the other since they really don’t want people crossing the tracks. Jessica purchased tickets for Delores and I and explained, My WorldSoft badge counts as fare on any transit agency in the region, so I’m covered.

Finally, we arrived at Auburn Station. Delores led the way to the pickup point. It wasn’t too long before we all arrived at the house. We got in and Jessica was shown the room where her, Delores, and I would be spending the night (the room Delores and I were sharing for the Christmas Holiday), then it was time for dinner. Jessica figured: It’s one night. I can crawl up and down for one night.

Jessica happily showed off her WorldSoft Blue Badge. I just bought a house in Bellevue. I’m moving on Saturday and my coworkers are coming over to help.

Later, when–it was time to head to bed, we all pitched in to help get Jessica upstairs. She gently kissed me, and Delores was absolutely stunned. I was being gently kissed by some other woman – my older sister – and was holding it in angry.

I would like my brother at my side, Jessica said. She got a disgusted look when Delores started taking her clothes off. Jess quietly asked, Does she usually do that?

I wasn’t sure what Jess meant, so I asked, What do you mean?

Does she usually sleep nude, Jessica asked.

Yeah, we both do, but I figured she was going to remain dressed out of respect since you’re my sister. I know I planned on remaining dressed, I responded.

We might as well go along, Jess said as she started undressing. In a very, very low whisper, she added, Ask me when we’re alone and I’ll explain. Jessica and I got into birthday suits as well. Yes, I felt very weird and the truth was both Jess and I were extremely uncomfortable.

Jessica pulled the air mattress out of her suitcase and whispered very quietly, I don’t mind sharing with you. I don’t know how you two are able to share that mattress. Jessica was referring to the twin sized mattress pressed against the wall.

Once the mattress was inflated (Jessica had a small battery-operated pump), Delores came over and whispered, Let’s Fuck.

I don’t think she meant for Jessica to hear it, but Jess did. Tonight, I want some brother/sister time. You get to see him 24/7 but I haven’t seen him since Christmas 2004. Besides, I would feel very uncomfortable with you having sex with my brother while I’m around.

Jess turned her attention to me. Let’s move this mattress to where there’s room, She said. With that, Jessica had me help her move the air mattress to the other end of the room. She then got blankets and a thick comforter going. We were against the closet on the other end of the room from Delores.

I said, I think it’s supposed to snow overnight and dip into the teens. Do you think this will be enough?

Yes. Worked just fine during the snowstorm up in Vancouver, BC, Jess replied.

I felt torn, but I also felt so much happier lying there hugging my sister instead of my girlfriend.

I happily rested there at Jessica’s side although it felt strange with all three of us in birthday suits, especially my sister. Jess whispered to me, Are you sure you love her? If you’re not happy, you’re welcome to be with me for Christmas. As she asked me, Stile Nacht started playing on the radio (the radio was set with a sleep timer). This caused me to tear up.

Don’t cry, Jess said, It’s up to you, but please come with me to Renton. I’m worried about you.

I sobbed, Can we sleep for now. Though to be honest, I’m not sure if I’m able to since I’m so uneasy.

Realizing my situation, my sister said, I understand how you’re feeling. I’m uneasy too. For now, let’s just hug and try to sleep. Seeing that I was frightened, Jessica allowed me to gently caress her gut since she was trying to calm down.

Morning came around and Delores looked disgusted. There I was lying on an air mattress next to my sister. On another mattress on the other end of the room was my controlling girlfriend. At the insistence of that girlfriend, all three of us were wearing our birthday suits.

Delores wasn’t too thrilled that I was going to assist Jessica with taking a shower. You’re going to take a shower with your sister, She said in a disgusted voice.

Jessica gave a dirty look back then had me help her to the shower. I locked the door and got the water going. I want to be honest with you. Please come with me to Renton. Maybe later we can discuss it because I’m very worried about you, Jess started explaining with tears in her eyes.

I helped her sit in the tub and continued, Jess, I’m not sure how to respond. You’re my sister and I love you sincerely, but I just don’t know how to respond.

Jessica suggested as I started shampooing her hair, Think about it. Please think about it.

After giving her a bath, I helped her to a sitting position, and she was going to crawl back to the room after I had a shower and dried her off. My sis just this upset look in her face. She said, We’ll talk later; I would prefer when it’s just you and me. She gently kissed me on the cheek and said, I love you. You’re my little brother and I need to be protective big sister. Jessica helped me dress in her WorldSoft shirt and pants and I helped her downstairs.

We had breakfast and were transported to the train station. Little did I realize what a horrible day would be coming…

Delores’s aunt dropped us off at the Kent Train Station and we sat down. I want to try and see if I can locate my little sister. I know she’s somewhere in the area. If not, at least we can explore the buses, I figured.

Jess explained, You need to catch a bus to Lakewood. From here, catch the 565 to Federal Way, transfer to the 500 to 10th & Commerce. That’ll put you in Downtown Tacoma. I’d say take the 574 but you don’t have enough fare on your pass, so take the 500 from Federal Way. The 501 is also available, but it’s longer. To pass the time, try taking the #2 into Lakewood – that’s the bus Rachel lives on with her roommate Kristin. I don’t know what time they catch the bus, but I think Rachel must work today. She works at the Spot located across the parking lot from the Lakewood Transit Center. It’ll make sense when you see it. Just remember: 565 to the 500 to the 2. I need to get going. This is my train to Seattle. I quickly scribbled that down after hugging my older sister goodbye. Jessica then boarded the train and Delores, and I made our way over to the bus bays.