The Morning Wakeup

Michael! Michael!! I was shaken awake. I recognized the voice. I opened my eyes and Rachel was looking into my fearful eyes. As I started coming to, I realized she was dressed in night clothes, not naked.

I collapsed into tears and realized there were three other women on the bed with me, and they were dressed in night clothes as well, but they were not Delores or Brandi. I think he just had a nightmare, Said another very familiar, and welcoming, voice. Jessica was awake and alert too.

I found myself being hugged by three women, and that’s when I realized my surroundings. I was not in A Slice of Hell, but I was safely in Renton. Lying in the bed beside me with both of my sisters, along with my younger sister’s roommate. I started crying as I realized that I woke everyone up at 2:30 in the morning.

I found myself being gripped very tightly by my little sister, who yes I did really consider my most favorite woman in the whole world, and she whispered, I’m here. I’m not hurt.

Here is some water, Kristin whispered, You look like you need it.

What happened, Jessica asked very gently, I’m not mad at you. We realize you were having a nightmare.

Through heavy crying, I started explaining what was happening in the nightmare, including how I was expected to get everyone pregnant. Kristin then helped me sip some more water as she said, I saw it when I was on the 2. As soon as I sat behind you two, she looked like she was ready to murder. Jessica, I did not interact with him, like you instructed, and she still went to a suppressed rage.

Tell you all what, Jessica said, She kept him under lock and key in Hell? Well, today will be different. Today, Rachel, I will put $100 into your Account and I want you two to take him on a bus ride. Still have the Quarter Packs I gave everyone?

Yes, Rachel and Kristin both said.

Good. Today, Michael, you are going to go explore King County by bus. Today, I will have everyone ride to Redmond with me, then I’ll see you off to the 545 to Seattle. I would like you back at Overlake Transit Center when I get off work at 5:30. It is supposed to snow, so if the weather turns for the worst, come back to the apartment and let me know, Jessica said.

I grabbed Rachel very, very tightly and Jessica continued as if she could read my mind, Rachel, please do me a big favor. I think he will panic if you are out of his sights for even a split second.

That’s no problem, Rachel said, fully understanding that I was still in fear for my life, Kristin, if I need to leave his side for any reason, the restroom for example, please stay with him.

I can do that. If we both must go, then one will wait for the other so that he isn’t alone, Kristin replied.

It was now around 3:15. Only 45 minutes since I woke everyone up. It was too early to get going. We should try to get a bit more sleep, Jessica said.

I sure did not get any sleep when Jessica’s alarm clock went off at 5 AM. Come on. Time to get up, Rachel prodded.

He needs a shower, Jess said, Don’t lock the door in case he panics. Tonight, I will take us to Freddy’s and get him some clean clothes. Kristin, do you mind if we use your employee discount?

No problem, as long as I’m the one paying, She replied.

I’ll get you cash, Jess replied, Now, we all need to get ready. I’m going to pour quick bowls of cereal for everyone.

That’s fine Jess, Rachel replied.

Let me pour bowls of cereal then we will catch the bus. Follow me to Overlake then you three head off from there, Jessica suggested.

Sure. We won’t let him out of our sight, Rachel said, pulling me into a hug, We promise you won’t be alone today.

Jessica quickly got herself dressed and shouted, Breakfast is ready. The three of us then assembled at her small dining table. I took one bite of the cereal with milk in it and my eyes just lit up. How was it, Jessica asked.

Two years. I haven’t had milk in two years because of her, I said as something in the back of my mind suddenly clicked into place.

She never let you have milk, Kristin gasped in amazement.

No. She said she was allergic, but would still eat chocolate ice cream, I replied.

She was hurting you, Rachel said in disgust.