Michael’s Nightmare

Hold her so she can get it, Delores instructed her cousin.

Oh no bitch, you are going nowhere, Her cousin said as I was knocked to the floor, You are going to fuck me, and you are going to enjoy it! Brandi stomped on my gut, then sat forcefully on me. It took a few moments to realize that she was bouncing hard, and it did not take long at all before I made a mess inside her. You love fucking, and you’re going to fuck all three of us, Brandy shouted with glee.

I was scared as I heard Rachel being beaten senseless. What did my sister do to deserve such treatment? I looked up and watched my sister being repeatedly punched in the face. That’s right, Brandi yelled, Look at your sister’s naked body! You will get her pregnant next!

I was in absolute fear. Rachel! Rachel! Please don’t hurt my Rachel! Please don’t, I started. Just as Brandi wanted, I broke down into tears. Everyone in the room was completely naked, and I was scared. I wanted to get out of Kent. My baby sister was hurting. My most favorite woman in the whole world was being beaten to a pulp. Please don’t hurt my Rachel, I sobbed.

Rachel was–crying as Brandi forced her to the floor. Now, it’s time for your brother to prove that he is a freak who has incest and will go to hell! She beat my sister again, then turned her attention to me, Now, get your little bitch of a sister pregnant!