Lunch in the Tukwila Rainforest

I started getting hungry for lunch and Rachel said, We have a nice surprise for you. The 150 takes us to where I wanted to go. We hope you like it. Then, we will catch a bus to the east side so we can show you where Jessica’s new house will be.

Kristin noted as the 150 picked us up, We are in Downtown Seattle, so you show your pass when exiting the bus.

That is weird, I said.

You get used to it, Rachel explained as we had a seat on the bus. Since the three-seater wasn’t available, Rachel suggested that I sit with Kristin, so I could get to know her better, and was honestly encouraging Kristin and I to become close friends.

The 150 eventually dropped us off at Andover Park Mall and both girls were excited for our plans for lunch. They wouldn’t tell me what they wanted to do, but I got very excited when I realized the establishment, they were taking me to. There was one back in Norfolk that shut down not too long ago, and I hugged both girls very tightly when we headed in.

Just the three of us. Could you place us by an aquarium please, Rachel explained to the host? We were taken to a table next to one of the aquariums and the atmosphere was amazing. The lights dimmed, and thunder crackled overhead.

Just some waters for now while we decide No ice for my brother please, Rachel said as a waiter came over. Get whatever you want. Please take your time, My sister said to me, And yes, we will be staying for dessert. I pulled Rachel into a hug, as I was starting to overcome with joy.

Kristin said, We won’t leave your side. We both promise. She reached across the table and offered to hold my hand, while my sister had her arm around me. Both women were trying to make it clear that I would no longer alone. I was becoming grateful having both there.

Our waiter came back around with our waters, and Rachel ordered an appetizer that she knew I would like. She also requested soda, again no ice for me, and asked that it be brought out with our appetizer. What would you like for your lunch, My sister asked.

I think I’d like this burger, I said, pointing to one of the trademark burgers on their menu.

Alright, Rachel said as the waiter returned with our sodas and appetizer. We ordered our lunch, and I was grateful. I was getting a full course meal; a meal Delores would never have allowed me to have. She would’ve claimed this was too expensive, I said to both Kristin and Rachel.

We both know, Rachel responded.

Kristin added, She was an absolutely disgusting pig, and she is out of your life.