Exploring Seattle

Meet me at Overlake Transit Center at 5:30 and we will catch the 5:45 bus to Freddy’s to get our stuff. Hopefully, the snow won’t start until after we are home. Please stay in King County if you can help it in case snow does start falling. Who has my spare key, Jessica asked?

I do, Rachel said as the bus pulled into the Overlake Transit Center.

Rachel, there is $100 in your account for the three of you today. If weather starts taking a turn for the worst, call me and make your way to Renton, Jess replied, Kristin, I will pull out cash at work for his clothes.

Understood, I said as the bus pulled into Overlake.

I will show you three where to catch the Seattle bus, then I will see you three tonight, Jess said.

Thanks, I said.

As we headed over to the stop for the 545, Jessica said, I will get us dinner when I get off tonight. Tomorrow we will most likely stay in since it is expected to snow really hard.

I hugged my big sister goodbye as the 545 picked us up at the NE 40th Street Freeway Station. Well, where to, I asked as we took a seat.

Kristin started hugging me as she said, We wanted to show you around. We will simply go bus to bus, and we will figure out lunch closer to time.

Not being used to the area, I was amazed at the amount of traffic as we got onto the SR 520 bridge. My younger sister Rachel and her best friend and roommate Kristin, knowing the region, simply grumbled as we rolled through what they described to be the regular rush hour traffic. This is the first time you really had the chance to go exploring, Rachel asked.

Everything was tightly regulated in that house, I said, very unsure of myself (and normally I kept nothing from my little sister – Rachel was the first to know when me & Delores started doing it, for example).

Go on, Rachel said, pulling me into a hug, You never keep things from me. Please talk to me.

I started crying a bit and Kristin joined Rachel in hugging me and said, I am willing to be a part of your life too. Rachel is my best friend, and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her family.

I decided that I liked Kristin hugging me just as much as I liked Rachel’s hugs (granted, my little sister would always – always – be my most favorite woman in the world). I wanted my arms around both women and I really started taking to Kristin as if she was another part of the family.

The truth is: they hurt me there. You can’t imagine that final night. I want to tell you about it, but it is too graphic for the bus, I whimpered as I cried on Kristin’s shoulder. Rachel rang the bell as the driver called out destinations that were near the bus stop.

Where to, I asked.

The monorail, Kristin said, I bet she would never let you go up the Needle.

I had to do some major convincing to go to Pierce County that day you saw me, I replied.

Rachel suggested, Want to have a little fun? Kristin, how about you and Michael stand together in front of the needle when we get there. Arms around each other like you two are a couple and I will take your picture. In case we come across that jerk, it would be obvious you’re taken. Rachel spoke specifically to Kristin as she continued, Right now, you are the only one – outside of Jess or I – that I trust to be alone with him.

Kristin took my hand and said, I do not mind holding hands and making it look like we are a couple, and I will do this if we run into that jerk.

I started feeling more and more comfortable around Kristin, because she wasn’t hurting me (granted, Rachel would immediately become very protective of me – but that wasn’t necessary at all because it appeared both my little sister and her best friend both truly cared). As Kristin continued to hold my hand, I felt like a huge weight lifted from my shoulder. I want to open up a little more. Is there somewhere to sit, I asked?

We sat down at a table in Westlake Park and I just felt this sudden need to hug my sister so badly. As I was hugging Rachel, I whispered, Remember how you were the first to know me & her did it?

I do remember, Rachel replied, What is it?

That final night in Kent, I started saying, a bit louder now (deciding I wanted Kristin to hear too), Her and the cousin. This is going to be gross and I didn’t want to say it on the bus.

Go on, Rachel and Kristin both prodded.

It was basically an up all-night sex party. Did Jessica tell you how filthy that house was? I did not want any of it and I feel very embarrassed to even think about it. I burst into tears as I cried on Rachel’s shoulder.

That is the reason you asked me to wear night clothes these past couple nights, Rachel asked. Sensing my emotional pain, she quickly added, Not that I minded. Your comfort is more important.

Kristin added, We are here for you and you are always welcome.

I started thinking about the time I woke Jessica up at 5 AM that morning I was thrown out. She wasn’t too thrilled, but she came to my immediate rescue, guiding me from Kent to Renton where she picked me up, allowed me a shower, decent breakfast, and a chance to get a badly needed sleep.

It is as if Jess knew, I thought to myself.

I think I’m ready now, I said speaking up as my crying subsided.

Take your time, Rachel replied.

I slowly stood up and put my arm around my sister as Kristin took us to the third floor of the mall where the monorail station was.

I decided I wanted my other arm around Kristin, and it wasn’t long before we were on the train to the center. That was a quick ride, I commented as the train reached the other end about a minute or two later and dropped us off.

It’s not a long trip at all, Rachel said.

So, this is… this is… My thoughts trailed off as the Needle presented itself. Kristin, I do want that picture, I finally was able to say.