A Dark Secret… Revealed!

I sat on the sofa with Rachel on one side and Jessica on the other, with Kristin sitting in Jessica’s recliner. You are still grossed out from that house, aren’t you, Jessica said as she got the door closed.

Yes, I am, I replied.

We understand, and we aren’t mad at you, Rachel said.

Using Jessica’s shoulder as a pillow, I said, I would like to be honest.

Go on, Rachel said, curling up with Jessica and I to show she wasn’t mad.

Could someone take me to the bank? I want my own account, I said as I started crying.

How about I get you an account at the WorldSoft credit union? Come with me to work on Monday. Rachel has an account as well. I can let you in because your immediate family. I would get Kristin an account if they would let me, but I get in as an employee and you and Rachel are allowed in as immediate family members, Jessica said comfortingly.

I have a joint account with her, I cried.

I will take you on Monday to shut it down. I would take you tomorrow, but it is supposed to continue snowing, Jessica said, I can let WorldSoft know that I need to come in late.

Rachel suggested, I am on vacation, remember? How about I take him to his bank to close the account.

Jessica said, That’s right, I forgot about your vacation for a second, as my mind was only thinking of freeing our brother. Take him to his bank. Take all the money out, then let me know when you’re on the bus to Overlake and I will meet you two at the Transit Center. I would like to treat both of you to lunch in the cafeteria while you are with me.

What about inviting Kristin, I asked.

I have to work tomorrow. Please enjoy the day with your family, Kristin replied, And yes, I’m agreeing with them: get that money out of the joint account.

All of the money, I asked.

Yes, all of it, Jessica said.

Rachel said, She hurt you.

I was very grateful that both of my sisters were hugging me right now, and the truth was I wished Kristin were hugging me too.

Jessica said, The truth is, they are pigs. That house in Kent was extremely filthy. Rachel and Kristin, you both would’ve been horrified to see it. There was cat shit all over the floor; not everywhere but you get the idea.

I started crying again, pulled both of my sisters into a hug, and asked, Can I be honest?

Go on, Rachel gently prodded.

I decided I needed to let it all out, That final night. The aunt slept downstairs. It was me, Delores, and the cousin. They kept me up all night, taking turns having sex with me!

Letting it all out, I just wailed finding myself in heavy tears. Both of my sisters gripped me tightly, fully understanding that I was reliving what I felt to be the darkest moment in my entire life.

I reached out, wanting to hug Kristin so badly as I was thinking about a different memory. You know why she hates you most of all, I asked, still heavily crying.

Kristin sat on the coffee table and happily took me into her arms. She looked at Rachel and Jessica as she said, When I got on the 2 that morning and sat several rows behind them, she looked angry to see that he recognized me. I knew right then, before any words were said, that he needed to be out of that ASAP. She hated that I offered to show both where Spot was in Lakewood, and I do remember her calling me a toothpick as they were leaving for the bus. They got on the 574 when I was boarding the 212A to school and she looked very resentful the entire walk from Spot to the bus.

I knew something was wrong with her when we spent the night in her apartment in Portsmouth, Rachel said.

Jessica added, He wanted to be with just Rachel and me. She hated that.

I decided it was now or never. The truth is, I feel like they raped me, I sobbed.

Both of my sisters, as well as Kristin, were hugging me so tightly as I suddenly started wailing. I never wanted to use that word, because for me, that would make it final. The ultimate violation in my book.

If you’re scared that we are going to abandon you for dead, fear not, Jessica said.

Rachel added, I am on vacation this week. If that is what you need, I will stick to you and not leave your side for anything.

I cried out in sheer terror, because Rachel spoke exactly what I needed: I was way too scared to be alone for even one second. I buried my face into Rachel’s chest (not her breast) and just plain wailed. I was scared, and my sister was correct: I did not want to be alone for anything, not even for a split second. I was so scared that I wanted all three women to spend the night physically holding me – yes including Kristin. I did not care: if it meant I was in a bed with three women, then so be it. I was scared beyond belief.

Kristin seemed to pick up on this need, as I was repositioned so that I was curled up with her and both of my sisters. Do you two need alone time with your brother, Kristin asked, I can wait in the bedroom or something.

I reached out to try to hug her as well and Jessica said, I think he is asking you to stay. You mean something to him. Jessica then helped to adjust me so that I could hug Kristin as tightly as I needed to. I think it’s because you’re the one who convinced that creep to finally get out of his life. For that, I really do thank you. He can’t communicate right now because he is overwhelmed, but I’m sure he will verbally say thank you when he has calmed down.