Comfort in Renton

Rachel sat on the couch and had me rest my head in her lap as she said, You simply want to cuddle up with me. I know what you’re trying to say. Of course, we can snuggle up together. You are upset and you only want hugs right now. I am perfectly happy hugging you all day if that is what you want.

I laid there and just hugged Rachel, not wanting to let go. It felt like one of those days where things didn’t need to be said, because my sister understood that all I needed right now was to have someone to cuddle up with, and she did not mind one bit as I held her tightly. She quietly hummed to herself as she stroked my hair. I was grateful to lie in the arms of a girl who was both fully dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, as well as having no intention of hitting me.

We do need to help Jessica pack. We did promise her to help, Rachel said after letting me hug her for several minutes.

You are right, I said, though Rachel knew I just wanted to hug her for the rest of the day.

I pulled a box out and opened it up and started putting Jessica’s things while Rachel got another box going to get some of Jessica’s other things going. Rachel fully understood that I did not want her to leave my side for any reason because I was still scared from those nasty events of only a couple of days ago.

I’m just so scared for my life, I explained to Rachel.

I fully understand, and you know you will always have us, Rachel replied as she continued putting more of Jessica’s things into boxes.

Jessica arrived home as scheduled and said, I’m going to make dinner and we will discuss the plans. No, I’m not mad at you at all. I’d like to get you a bus pass and I’d like for you to live out here with us.

Jess made something quick and easy and it wasn’t too long before she wheeled over to the table where Rachel and I were waiting. She parked her wheelchair and said, Saturday is the big day. Tomorrow, I have the day off to get prepared and I’d like to purchase a bus pass for you. I think the best thing will be to live in Bellevue.

I pulled Rachel into a hug and, obviously reading my mind, my sis said, Of course you will always be welcomed to visit University Place.

Jessica added, Just as everyone is more than welcome to visit in Bellevue. My older sister then spoke directly to me as she continued, I know you and Kristin are developing a close friendship and I am encouraging that. Starting tomorrow, we will all pitch in to help get you back on your feet. We will get you the January monthly pass, as well as some bus tickets to get you through next week. On Monday, I will help point you in the right direction for looking into a job, and I’ll try to see if I can sweet-talk WorldSoft. Of course, I knew Jessica was kidding about me working at WorldSoft (it would be unethical for her to hire me since we are siblings), and I was able to crack a small smile just for a split second, but it was the first time I could remember in ages.