Welcome Home

The plane landed, and I felt like a mixture of emotions. We’re home, I whispered to Rachel as the plane began to taxi to the Gate. Now that we were back in Virginia, it was starting to sink in. Part of me wanted to hug Kristin and Jessica, but of course, they stayed back in Washington.

You’re torn, Rachel commented as she put her arm around me. My little sister was very good at reading my mind by now as she continued, You wish all of us were gathered in Bellevue right now, don’t you?

On one hand, I was glad to be home. Yet, on the other hand, I wish our sister Jessica and our best friend Kristin could follow. True, I cried in Kristin’s arms at the SeaTac security checkpoint, and yes both her and Jessica promised to keep in touch. The lease that my baby sister and her roommate had was up, Kristin was preparing for her new life at a public university, and I wanted to go back home. I never felt that I belonged in Washington State.

Yet, my mind kept reminding me that Virginia was my home. That’s where I was: on a plane that was pulling up to the gate in Norfolk. I was home.

Mom picked us up at the Airport and started explaining how we would have the townhouse that was purchased for tax reasons. Mostly things that went over my head since it was so late at night and that I was still feeling bad about leaving Jessica. Rachel pulled me into a hug and said, We are going home. It’s late, and we are both tired. Rachel turned her attention to our mother and said, I think Michael and I can share a bed for one night if we’re going to be in the townhouse tomorrow.

11:30 pm and we were finally in Mom’s house. I was glad to have Rachel at my side and I said, Lets’s take our things upstairs and just crash for the night.

I’d like that too, but we need to call Jessica and Kristin and let them know we are safe, My sister said as she hugged me tightly, locking the bedroom door behind us as we entered.

Could we sleep naked together, I asked, blushing.

Sure, She replied, giggling, We can sleep naked in the same bed together. We should probably take turns in the bathroom so that no one gets suspicious.

After taking turns in the bathroom, Rachel locked the bedroom door, and started dialing Jessica’s phone. We’re safely at mom’s house for the night. We get the keys to the townhouse on Monday. We are tired if only because we’re exhausted from our flight, and we want to say goodnight, I said.

We’re in the spare bedroom at mom’s house, and we don’t want anyone getting suspicious. It’s late here on the east coast, and we need to get used to the time difference sooner rather than later, Rachel added.

Thank you for letting me know that you’re back in Virginia, Jessica replied.

We both pulled out night clothes, per Rachel’s suggestion of in case we had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, and we both got undressed in front of each other just as we had started doing in Washington State. We climbed into the small bed together, and I put my arm around my sister allowing her to snuggle close. We will need a much bigger bed than this if we are going to share, She whispered, Three bedrooms. Maybe we should get a twin bed for each of the small bedrooms and a big bed for the master?

Yeah, and we’ll just say that since we’re brother and sister we need our privacy even though we both decided that we don’t care. I mean, heck: we are in this bed naked together, I replied, glad that my sister was very cuddly.

Going House Shopping

Morning rolled around, and I looked at the time. Rachel and I were still used to west coast time, and I gently prodded her. Morning sis, I whispered, hugging her tightly, Did you sleep well?

Rachel groaned, Morning. This bed is too small for us. She then groaned some more and asked, What time is it?

It is already 9, but our brains think that it’s only 6, I replied, releasing my sister from the hug and slowly sitting up.

We should probably get dressed, have breakfast, and get situated for the day. We have moving to do, Rachel replied, sounding more awake. She sat up, reached for her gym bag, and started pulling out clothes for the day. We can take turns in the bathroom again then walk downstairs together for food, Rachel added, starting to get dressed.

When mom talks to us about how we want the townhouse laid out, we will say that we will take each of the smaller bedrooms. When it is just you and me, we will of course really make the big bedroom our bedroom, I whispered.

We can do that, or at least say we’ll do that with the little bedrooms. The only reason I was uncomfortable in this bed with you is because it is so small, My sister replied, When you slept with me in Washington, the bed was a queen. This, I think, is one size smaller at full.

We were both fully dressed, took turns using the bathroom, and made our way downstairs where our mother was waiting. The dogs bounded over to us wanting doggie affection as our mother started explaining the townhouse. We looked at the pictures you sent us, and we think we know what we will do. We can each take the smaller bedrooms and that big bedroom will be a guest bedroom, Rachel suggested.

Breakfast consisted of bowls of cereal so that we could go to the furniture store to start picking out pieces for the townhouse sooner rather than later. How about we start on furniture row on the Boulevard, Rachel suggested.

It’s Saturday and the sale of the century is in progress, I giggled as a dog got my attention wanting to be petted while Rachel found herself petting the other dog.

Breakfast was finished, and mom took us to one of the major furniture stores on Virginia Beach Boulevard so we could start picking out what we wanted. A sales associate came over and mom said, My son and daughter are moving into a townhouse I bought for them while they attend college. They will need everything: living room, dining room, bedroom, office.

I said, It is a three bedroom: two smaller rooms and one big bedroom. We were thinking that we could each take the smaller room, and set up the big room as a guest room. I love my sister and everything, but we still need our privacy. Rachel, did you remember the drawing we made?

My sister reached into her pocked and unfolded a piece of paper where we sketched up ideas we had for the place. It is a two story townhouse and we are very excited to start this thing called being adults, She said, and, as we were in the living room section, started looking at pieces for us to enjoy together.

Mom chimed in, Do you both want the old house sofa and dining room set?

Sure, Rachel replied with a tear in her eye, The one that Jessica slept on after the accident?

Yes, that one. We still have it in storage, Mom replied.

We got ourselves an entertainment center, a coffee table, and an end table to start off with, with the sales associate helping us to color match everything, given that the old Sofa would stick out, but it meant a lot to us. We then moved on to the home office and I said, I lived with our older sister for a short time, and her desk and computer setup allows her to not have to come into an office if she so chooses, I said to the sales associate, While we aren’t there yet, we will each want a desk to do homework We plan to start CCHR in the Fall.

Rachel looked at the budget and compared with how much we spent so far. She turned to me and asked, Want to just share the one bedroom? We could take turns in the bathroom for privacy.

Sure. This bathroom is attached to the bedroom and I think we will manage privacy. Two dressers, and let’s look at beds, I replied.

We found a king sized bed that we both liked, and Rachel said, We should find a small bed for one of the other rooms. Seeing that there were people around us, she whispered, I love you and everything, but you are my brother. Let&rsdquo;s find a small bed for you. She then cupped her hand around my ear so that only I could hear what was next, I promise we will share the king and sleep naked together. It is just that we are in public, and the rest of the world will not want us together.

Understood, I said. An associate came over offering assistance and I said, Yes, my sister and I are about to move in together. She picked out a bed and dresser for her room, and now I need a bed and dresser for my room.

Eventually, we had a decent setup of what we wanted, and reunited with our mother to discuss paying for everything. We were within the budget, and Rachel said, I start back up with Spot on Wednesday of next week, the start of the pay period. Maybe you should find a job too, how about the grocery store next to me? I don’t think siblings are supposed to work in the same establishment.

How about I take you both grocery shopping next, Our mother said.

Take us to the grocery store next to Spot and I’ll fill out an application while there, I said. I then thought about it for a moment then said, If I do fill out an application for Spot as well, I will disclose that you are my sister.

We probably should stop at Spot so that I can introduce myself to the manager, Rachel said, Let’s go there first, in case we get perishables at the grocery store. My sister then turned to me and said, Yeah there is a place you can say that you’re related to a current employee if you fill out an application. Also fill out one for the grocery store.

We arrived at Spot and Rachel found a worker and asked, Could I speak to the LOD please?

A few moments later, a middle aged person walked up and Rachel said, Good morning, I am Rachel Ragsdale, and I am the team member transferring in from Washington state. My start date is not this Wednesday but next Wednesday. I think my manager set it up so that I start here on the first day of the next pay period.

Welcome to Virginia Beach, Rachel, my name is Tim and I am the general manager of this Spot. Yes, I was the one who spoke to Harvey about your transfer. What brings you all the way to Virginia, He asked.

Putting her arm around me, Rachel said, I came home to be with my brother, and our mother lives here in Virginia Beach also.

Alright. I have not made the schedule yet, but please check back no later than Tuesday of next week for your times. Are there any availability concerns that I need to know about, Tim asked.

Probably not for the Summer, however I do intend to take classes at CCHR in the fall. We can talk about that closer to the start of the semester, since it is only May right now, Rachel replied, when Tim took an urgent call on the radio and had to get going.

Rachel and I then went off to look for supplies we would need to live together, and we started with bedding. It was just Rachel and I in the aisle, and she said, We are sharing a king sized bed. Yes, I want to share a bed with you. My sister then hugged me and started looking at the different blankets and sets that were available.

I like this one, I said, looking at one of the comforters.

Astronomy, Rachel squealed, Remember when we had a telescope as kids?

I do, and I would love to get one again, I said to my sister as she put the astronomy themed comforter into our shopping cart.

You picked the comforter, so I want to pick the sheets, She said.

OK that’s only fair, I replied, as she picked out a forest green that she liked.

We moved on to the next department and got a bunch of things for the bathrooms, then moved on to the home office. I have a crazy idea, Rachel said, One of the little bedrooms can be our desks for doing homework, and I was thinking that we could save up for a small bed for the other room if we have guests.

Mom was waiting for us with a bunch of things as we made our way to check out. Groceries next, Rachel asked.

Yeah, we should. I am kind of getting hungry, I said.

We need bus passes, Rachel said.

The customer service desk at the grocery store has them, I replied, It’s 30 days from the day of first use.

I remember, I think, My sister replied as we grabbed a cart and started to get what we needed, Now, this is our first time properly shopping for groceries together. Let’s think about what we both like to eat. I seem to remember that we both shared a lot of common interests in food.

We slowly filled up the cart with groceries, as well as grocery store toiletries, had everything paid for, then went to the customer service desk. Two 30-Day bus passes, please, I said.