Situating a Townhouse

Rachel is reassuring her brother
Rachel is reassuring her frightened brother that everything will be ok
Mom brought us to Canadian Arch as we looked at the time. The furniture delivery was scheduled to happen in about 30 minutes, so Rachel and I worked together to put groceries away as we saw fit as mom handed us each a set of keys.

Once groceries were put away, we decided to take a tour of the place together. Once we were out of earshot of our mother, Rachel said, I made up my mind: I really want to share the big bed with you.

I happily accepted my sister’s hug as I said, We’ve seen each other naked. Heck, we’ve even had sex. I don’t care that the world thinks that this is wrong. I’ve gotten so used to your presence that I don’t want to go back to sleeping alone.

We then looked at the master bathroom as Rachel put the toiletries that we bought into their proper places. Your towel, your toothbrush, and your shampoo, My sister said handing me a bunch of things.

We came back downstairs and a few minutes later, a truck was pulling up to the house. Our furniture is here, I said.

Our mother opened the door for the furniture people and said, My daughter Rachel and my son Michael. They will be the ones living here, and they will tell you where they want everything.

The furniture was now in place, and I took my sister’s hand. Now, we make the place ours. Mom, thank you for this place. Rachel and I should be fine together, considering how well we got along in Washington. We are just glad to be home in Virginia, I said.

We said our goodbyes, and Rachel said, Well, the place is ours now. We should probably order cable so we can get online and watch our TV shows.

We sat down on the sofa and a tear leaked from my eye. My sister clasped my hands into her hands and said, I promise you that you will never have to see her again.

I’m not ready to tell mom what happened, I whimpered as my sister continued to hold my hands inside of hers.

She looked into my frightened eyes and said, Sibling Promise: that creep will never hear from me where this townhouse is.

I appreciate that. That night was just so horrible, I whispered, as my sister pulled me into a comforting hug.

You don’t have to think about it anymore. You have me now, and I do not mind sharing that nice big bed we bought so that you don’t have to be alone at night, She said.

Rachel, I want to do something nice with a female special someone, I whimpered.

My sister looked into my frightened eyes again and asked, Well, I’m a girl. Want to go somewhere nice tomorrow when buses are running?

Where could we go, I asked.

How about let’s just go for a bus ride together, just for the heck of going somewhere? You and me, brother and sister. I don’t mind if you wanted to hold my hand while we were out and about, She said, letting me full blown cuddle with her.

You would do that for me, I asked.

Of course. Now, We probably should spend today getting this townhouse set up. Let me call the cable company and set up an appointment. We know that we will want to get on the internet and watch our TV, then we can arrange things in this townhouse as we want them. This place will be for just you and me. We’ve already decided that we want to share the bed in the master bedroom. One of the other bedrooms could be an office, and maybe the third could be a guest room? I want it to look like we have our own rooms in case mom or someone starts asking questions, Rachel said.

I should probably start looking for a job, I whispered, simply enjoying the cuddling that Rachel has been offering me these past few minutes.

Rachel pulled out her phone and continued, I want us to have cable and internet. Especially since my Spot and the Farm Fresh both do their applications online, and I want you to have a job so that we each have our spending money. You know mom is going to ask if you’re looking for a job.

Sibling Evening

Rachel is reassuring her brother
Rachel is offering to let her brother cuddle with her
Rachel and I were upstairs in the master bedroom and she said, Want to enjoy the little sofa together? We could watch a movie or something.

I miss being able to curl up with someone, I whimpered.

Here, cuddle with little sis. You may hold me just as much as you would a girlfriend, Rachel whispered, allowing me to hold her very tightly, Hold me as long as you need to.

This is nice. I really do miss doing a lot of things, but I never thought I would miss hugs so much, I replied as she snuggled even closer.

Do you still want to watch a movie, Rachel asked.

Not really. I just want to enjoy this time with you. Honestly, I never thought my little sister could give me what I want right now, I replied as the room started to get dark as the sun was going down.

It does feel nice to be snuggled with, She whispered, I can’t wait for Tuesday when the cable person comes here.

Are you getting sleepy, I asked, as we were still trying to catch up with the time difference.

I think we should stay up until actual bedtime and try to get ourselves back to east coast time, My sister replied.

OK. We’ve agreed that we wanted to share the bed. I still want to, I said.

Of course we will share the bed. Do you feel up for us being naked? Only if you’re comfortable. You were crying again, She said.

Could we get naked now? I mean since it is just us, I asked.

Let’s close all the window blinds first, then sure we can take our clothes off, My sister replied. We went downstairs and started closing all of the blinds, and she asked, Want a quick bite before we call it for the night?

Sure, I said as I closed the last of the downstairs blinds. She handed me a yogurt and got one for herself. You’re trying to get me to eat healthy, I whispered.

Yes I am actually. Even I need to lose a little weight, My sister replied, grabbing her gut and letting me see the belly fat. We finished our yogurts, headed upstairs, and Rachel said, We can be naked for the rest of the evening, and sleep naked together if you’re up for it.

It’s been so long since I’ve been properly alone with a girl. I mean, sure with Jessica for a while but she had work and would sometimes get home on the last bus of the night. It feels like this night with you is the first night I had in a while, I said.

Rachel grabbed a towel from the bathroom, started taking her clothes off, and said, Want to go on a bus ride tomorrow?

I followed my sister’s lead getting undressed and replied, Sure. I could not help but look at Rachel’s vagina as she finished taking her clothes off.

We climbed onto the bed and my sister opened her legs as she whispered, Whatever you are comfortable with. You want to fuck me? Or if all you want to do is cuddle, I’m up for it. I will admit that I do want you in me. She started blushing with that remark, I am still on birth control if that is something you were concerned about. I don’t mind us having sex, but I don’t think siblings should produce kids.

I pulled my naked sister into a hug and whispered, Can we always sleep naked together?

Sure, if we are properly alone, She replied as she noticed my hand near her breast, You may touch me. We’ve had sex before, and I’m telling you that if you want to have sex with me that I’m up for it. She then looked down and giggled, I see your little buddy wants to, but I’ll understand either way.

I could not help but look at her vagina, as it felt like it was a while since I was properly alone with a female. I started gently touching her down there and she cooed gently.

I soon found that special button in her vagina that turned gentle cooing into pleasureful shuttering. Put it in me, She gasped, Fuck me. Don’t care that you’re my brother. On birth control!

I suddenly felt ready to have sex again, and could not deny Rachel’s desires to have me inside of her, as her breathing got heavier and heavier.

The two of us just collapsed in exhaustion, after what felt like an amazing round of sibling sex. We were not sure that we wanted to get up to even clean up, until she grunted, Come on. We made a big mess and should clean up. She started helping me up and continued, I was nice being able to have sex with you again.