Rachel Returns to Work

The alarm clock buzzed and Rachel was already wide awake. Today I return to work. You ready to have the place to yourself, My sister asked, gently prodding me awake.

I let out a yawn and whispered, Good morning sis.

Good morning, My sister replied, gently kissing me on the cheek, Would you like to get dressed and have breakfast with me before I leave?

Sure. I will admit that I enjoyed sibling time with you this past week, I replied, hugging my kid sister tightly.

I enjoyed sibling time with you also. Now, I need to get dressed and we can have breakfast together. How is your job search going, She asked. I groaned, since I filled out what felt like plenty of applications — Rachel did watch me a few times to verify for mom — but I didn’t hear back from anyone yet and I was grumpy. Rachel started to get dressed, and as if she could read my mind, she continued, I will tell mom that I watched you fill out applications. Best Tech, my Spot, and The Grocery Store are the ones I watched. I can try to inquire about Spot when I go to work today.

My sister and I both got dressed and headed downstairs, where she started pouring two bowls of cereal. You want milk of course, She giggled, remembering how my ex was with milk.

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to laugh, and Rachel caught onto it. I’m sorry. We shall never mention that thing in this house ever again, She said, hugging me.

It was nice to reconnect with Annabel the other day, and I think she is the only female other than you that I’m ok with in this house, I whispered, Now, I believe the cable person is supposed to come today to install everything. Suppose I can stay home for it.

I gave my sister a very big hug once we finished eating, and we said our goodbyes. I was not totally happy, but I wasn’t going to stop her from working. Besides, we had to pay for things somehow. She closed the front door and I locked it behind her. I had the house all to myself, and I was willing to admit that I was not sure what to do. I enjoyed Rachel’s company for the past week, but it was time for her to start back up with work. I had to stay home since the cable installer would be coming by sometime, so I moved over to the sofa and put on a DVD to try to pass the time.

Eventually there was a knock on the door. The cable installer arrived, and I began walking him through the plans: Wi-Fi through the apartment, and a wired connection up in the office so that Rachel and I could share at our desks.