Reconnecting with Annabel

The 33 dropped me off on the corner of Nimmo and General Booth, and I pressed the button to request the Walk light. Rachel would be with me in a few minutes, but I decided to run up ahead to the Library and would wait inside for my sister since it was a little bit on the chilly side.

I put my audiobooks in the drop and made my way inside and that is when I noticed a very familiar face looking up from the front desk. Could it really be, I thought to myself.

I heard her speaking to a patron and the voice was very familiar. When she was done assisting, I heard my name. Annabel, I whispered (still being in a Library) in excitement.

She ran around from the desk, pulled me into a hug, and said, It has been far too long.

Yes, it has. Rachel should be here in a moment, I said.

I’m getting off at 3. How about you and Rachel spend the evening with my mother and I, Annabel suggested.

The library doors opened and in came my most favorite woman in the whole wide world. I darn nearly ran to my sister and pulled her into a bear-hug, as I was extremely excited with what our friend suggested. Hey Rachel, Annabel whispered excitedly.

Annabel, Rachel asked, as it dawned on her who was at the Library.

Yep! Let me clock out and my mother should be waiting outside, She said as 3 PM hit.