A Most Tearful Goodbye

Rachel called me, and I couldn’t believe her. We’re moving west, My sister sobbed, Far, fa-regular away says Dad.

What! Rachel, what do you mean, you’re moving west!? Where are you right now?

Salem. Remember the first time you rode a TWT bus, She responded in tears.

I looked at my watch. It was 1:30 on a wonderful Saturday afternoon. Rachel, I am on my way right now, I said, starting to tear up myself.

Please do. I could use the company, She said.

Alright. What time does the bus come?

The next one leaves Volvo and Kempsville on the hour. Takes about 15 minutes for it to get to Kemps River. Stand on the Tallwood High School side of Kempsville; there’s a stop right before Albright Drive. When you get to Kemps River, catch the 12 heading to CCHR. The 60 taking you up Kempsville will pull up behind the 12 you need.

Alright. Let me get going so I can catch it. Please wait at the stop I need to get off at.

I can do that. See you soon. Bye, Rachel closed.

I was furious. Considering how close I was becoming to my little sister; I was pissed that Dad was taking her fa-regular away from me. I stashed a few bucks so that, if it came to that, I had bus fare to get Rachel and I back to my house. I was scared out of my mind.

Michael and Rachel saying goodbye
The separation of siblings during a messy divorce

After a little ride, I was being dropped off at Rachel’s bus stop. Of course, I hugged my sister tightly and she started explaining, Dad’s ruining my education. I’m going to be a year behind, or something like that. As we started walking towards Dad’s apartment, Rachel continued, I really don’t want to leave. I love you.

I responded, hugging my sister tightly, I love you too Rachel. I was very upset because I really did love my sister and I didn’t want her to leave. It took us a bit, but we arrived at dad’s house. I will have a nasty thing or two to say to dad when he arrives. He is really making a big mistake!

Don’t leave my side, She wailed as we entered the small apartment, I don’t give a damn what the court said! Don’t leave me!

My little sister was crying as she had never cried before, and I hated seeing her like this. I made up my mind: I was going to get very, very ugly at dad for doing this. My heart was just shattered into pieces, seeing my little sister all torn up like this. I put my arms around her and flat out refused to let go of her, and I did not give a damn what would happen I did not want an entire country to separate me from my baby sister.

That’s when the front door opened. Dad arrived at the apartment from work. We need to talk, I snarled, Just what the hell do you think you are doing taking Rachel away from me!? I was flat out furious and had this look on my face like I was about to commit murder. I was that angry as Rachel dissolved into tears. I was doing my duty as an older brother. My sister was upset, and I was going after the reason she was upset. I had no sense in my head other than someone was hurting her, and it was my job to protect her.

Dad looked stunned as Rachel continued to cry in my arms. You don’t talk to me like that!

You know why she’s crying, I yelled as I noticed Rachel’s tears wetting my shirt. She’s crying because you are taking her away from me! She does not want to leave my side! I was angry, and I cared only how my Rachel felt. Come on, Rachel. I’m taking you home, I growled.

I walked with her to her bedroom and said, Gather only what you absolutely need. You will be sharing my bed tonight and I will take you to school on Monday.

Don’t you walk out that door, Dad said, still stunned as we walked, backpacks in tow.

Watch us, I screamed as I slammed the front door closed, still clutching Rachel as tightly as I could. I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost time to catch the bus. Rachel’s crying subsided a bit, but I still was on high alert.

I inserted $2 into the farebox and got our transfers for the short 20-minute bus ride to the front of my neighborhood. The entire ride, I made sure to clutch Rachel as tightly as I could as I said, When we get home, we are calling Jessica and telling her what happened.

Yes please, Rachel whimpered, I’m just extremely scared right now, and want to talk to Jessica.

The bus dropped us off at one of the main roads into the neighborhood and it was time for the long walk in. I knew I wasn’t in the right state of mind; as all I cared about was keeping my little sister at my side. I had my arm wrapped tightly around her as we walked towards the house, we both grew up in. The place we both considered home. I didn’t care what it looked like: if I had to climb into bed at her side and physically hold her all night long so that she wouldn’t be separated from me, I would do that. My sister needed me, and I had no plans to leave her side, not for anything.

I took her to my bedroom, because it had the bigger window and we would be prepared if we saw the truck. Here, lie at my side, I whispered as I climbed onto my bed. My sister gladly curled up at my side, snuggling close.

Don’t let go, She whispered as she gripped me tightly.

Promise, I replied as I gripped her tightly. I absolutely did not care what anyone would say about brother and sister sharing a bed. She was very, very upset, and didn’t want to be separated by the distance of an entire country. Virginia to Washington State? That was just too far, and it was slowly hitting me. I started crying also and tightened my grip on her. We both didn’t want that long distance separation.