Rachel’s Fury

Rachel was extremely upset over the situation hearing both parents arguing. She heard dad scream, I’m here to collect my daughter then I’ll leave. She knew the court order: she was to live with dad, and I was to stay with mom. We were curled up cuddling together on her bed and we made a pact: we would do whatever possible to not separate, court orders be damned.

Rachel, it’s time to go, we heard our dad yell through the locked door.

I will not, Rachel snarled angrily. That’s when we heard a screwdriver, and we couldn’t believe when we saw the doorknob fall to the floor. When dad entered and tried to force Rachel to come, she snapped. Right before my eyes, and without warning, my little sister slapped our father across the face and screamed in rage, Get the fuck out of my bedroom! When our mother tried to enter the bedroom, Rachel – who was still full of anger and rage – slapped her as well.

I ordered, Both of you, leave this house! I puffed up and screamed at the top of my lungs, Get out!!! Just get out! Rachel then collapsed into heavy sobs. She couldn’t believe she just slapped both of her parents nor could believe we both yelled at both parents.

Jessica, who was on speaker phone and heard everything, snarled, Mom and Dad, you both are being fucking assholes. Yes, I just called both of you ‘assholes!’ Get out of my sister’s room… now!

We both heard mom say, Rachel, can we be reasonable? Apparently, dad left the house.

I decided that my sister and I were in no mood to talk to either parent. I yelled out, Get out of the house and leave us be! I looked out the window and noticed both the car and the truck were gone and I asked Rachel if she wanted something to eat since it was roughly dinner time.

Both parents are gone, I sobbed when Rachel asked. My sister was still crying up a storm and I decided: I didn’t care how bad it would get, from then on, I was going to be extremely protective of my sister. We both realized how much we loved each other and didn’t want to be separated.

They are gone, Jess. They both went to work. It is just Rachel and I right now, I said over speaker phone, And the slapping you heard was Rachel slapping both of them.

Good! If I had money, I’d bring both of you to Seattle with me right now, Our older sister replied, Now I need to get going because I have an evening class. If anything happens, report it immediately.

Will do, Rachel and I sobbed as we said our goodbyes.

I decided to pour two quick bowls of cereal then would spend the night with Rachel. When we get back upstairs, I’m going to quickly gather something to wear for tomorrow, then I don’t mind sleeping with you. Would you like to be in my room since my door can still lock?

Please do, I’m afraid of being alone, Rachel sobbed as we ate.

That’s no problem, I said, How about we take turns taking showers then we will try to catch some sleep.

I think I need a bath to relax my muscles, Rachel sobbed.

That’s fine, I said, I can wait in my room, so I don’t invade your privacy. She sobbed even more, and I quickly added, I’ll still be right here, if you need me you can wrap a towel around yourself and call for me.

My sister belted out the biggest wail I’ve ever heard and insisted, I don’t care about privacy. Please don’t leave my side.

If that’s what you really want, I said.

Rachel crying
Rachel crying her eyes out in the bathroom
To make sure she was clear, my sister dragged me to the bathroom and insisted, Please don’t leave me.

She got the water going and started undressing. I immediately turned away and Rachel sniffled, I don’t care that you see my private parts. I don’t care! I am too scared to be alone for one instant. Look at me! I want you to see that I am still here!

A completely naked Rachel stood there as the water started filling up, and just looked at me. Heavy tears were flowing down her face, and it just clicked in my mind when one of those tears landed on my shoulder as she hugged me. Rachel, I promise I won’t leave your side. I will stay in this bathroom, and we will spend the night together in your room. The bed may be small, but I will gladly share with you.

With that, my sister hugged me again, then got a bubble bath going to help cover herself up and climbed into the tub. I don’t want to leave home. I don’t want to leave Tallwood, Rachel sobbed as she started washing herself.

I suggested, How about tomorrow we catch the bus to school and go straight to Guidance. I’ll sit in with you since we share a counselor. (Counselors work with students by last name, so Rachel and I automatically share a counselor since we’re brother/sister)

Thank-you, She whimpered as her crying subsided a bit, Hey, do you mind rubbing my lower back? I have an itch that’s just out of reach. I reached along her back and she guided my hand to the small of her back and said, That’s it. Thanks.

When she was done with her bath, I got a towel ready so she could be covered as quickly as possible. We heard the front door slam shut and Rachel said, Hurry to the room. Don’t tell anyone you watched me take a bath. Rachel and I quickly slipped into my bedroom and I locked the door behind us. By now it was around 9 PM and we were both tired and didn’t want to argue with any parent.

We curled up together on my bed with me wrapping my arm protectively around her. Tomorrow, we’ll go to Guidance and try to sort this mess out, I reminded her as we started falling asleep.

Rachel yawned and snuggled closer to me and said, I don’t want to leave you. She also adjusted my hand so that it was wrapped snugly around her gut, holding her snugly against me. She seemed to be feeling a bit better knowing I was holding her very tightly. I’m starting to overheat. I don’t care what it looks like. Please. You too, She whispered as tears flowed down her cheeks.

My little sister did not care that we were both in the thinnest of night clothes: sleeping in street clothes was uncomfortable, and we were both overheating. We both tossed and turned through the night, since neither of us could fall asleep. We were both scared that we would wake up and the other would not be there, and we made sure that we pressed ourselves tightly together. We were both that scared of losing each other. We pulled each other into an extremely close bear-hug, and I whispered, From now on, we spend the night together. Yes, this means we share a bed.

Rachel replied as she adjusted my grip to be holding her closer, From now on, we do not leave each other’s side except for class.

Deal, We both said. I was quite comfortable with my sister at my side, knowing that we were going to become extremely protective of each other. I didn’t care that we would be sharing a bed, nor did I care that other people would think it was wrong. I loved Rachel, and right now, I was extremely scared that I would lose her.

Neither of us could sleep since we were both so frightened. Don’t leave me, Rachel whimpered.

I won’t, I replied, pulling her into an even tighter hug, I don’t care what people might think this looks like. You will always be allowed to sleep at my side, and I don’t care that this bed is tiny.

Thank you, She whimpered, And you will always be welcome at my side. She paused for a moment, then continued, I think it is better if we do spend the night together. I’m scared of losing you.

I’m scared of losing you too, I replied.

This may sound wrong, but I’m really liking sharing this bed with you, Rachel whispered.

This is comfortable, I’m enjoying sleeping at your side too, I replied as I continued to hug my sister very tightly. I knew how my brain would react: if I could not physically touch her in the morning, I would panic. Thus, I insisted on hugging her the whole night.

Morning rolled around, and sure enough, the first thing I did was check to see that Rachel was still lying at my side. Good, you’re here, I whispered as I put my arm around her, not caring at all how either parent felt, only caring that we were not separated.

Let’s get to school, and we need breakfast, She said as we got up and started getting dressed, Do not leave my side for anything. I am still very scared.

I won’t leave your side, I said, wanting to have my arm tightly around her as we walked downstairs for breakfast. My sister adjusted my arm so that it was tighter around her, which I did not mind one bit. If it made Rachel happy that I held her in what seemed like a death grip, then so be it. She wanted to know I would protect her at all costs.

Sorting things with Guidence

I found a $10 bill sitting on the dinning table and suggested, Breakfast at school?

Rachel said, Sure. Then we head straight to the Guidance office and have a long sit down with Ms Beverly. She then looked imploringly at me and asked, Could we walk to the Edith Court bus stop? I want to leave the house now. I agreed with Rachel so we put our backpacks on and headed out.

After having breakfast at school, we made our way to the Guidance office and – after explaining our parents are divorcing – were sent straight back to Ms Beverly’s office. After a little conversation, Ms Beverly explained, Rachel, starting today, you’ll have lunch and study with Michael and how about starting the weekend thing by going with your dad this weekend. Now, since you two are late, I’m going to get you two excused tardies.