Thanksgiving in Clark County

My plane landed in Portland and I was nervous as I prepared to get up. I haven’t seen my father or either of my sisters in ages, and I was going to spend Thanksgiving with my baby sister! I started to collect my things from around where I was sitting, and got up to join the line of everyone trying to exit the plane.

I could not believe my eyes when I got off of the jetway and into the airport proper: my dad and my sister were waiting at the gate for me. I immediately pulled Rachel into a very close hug and whispered, I missed you so much. How did you and dad get past security with what’s going on in the world?

We got a pass from the airline to come get you. Dad explained that he was picking up his son who is a minor, Rachel explained.

Do you have any bags to claim, Dad asked.

I have one suitcase, I replied.

We made our way to baggage claim, and there was already a crowd from my flight gathered around one of the belts. A few minutes later, a buzzer sounded, the belt started up, and bags started to appear on it. I grabbed my bag and Dad said, Let’s go. You are probably tired because of the time difference.

We arrived at the apartment, and I grumbled that it was upstairs. I’ll help you, Rachel said, taking my suitcase, Let me take you into my bedroom. Rachel led me upstairs and into a hallway which led past a washer & dryer and into a bedroom. I would like for you to sleep in bed with me, like we did back home, She said.

Bathroom, I asked.

Not wanting to leave my side, my sister walked with me to the bathroom which was directly accessible from her bedroom. You want to head straight to bed? It’s almost 2 in the morning back in Virginia, Rachel said. I nodded then proceeded to take care of business.

I exited the bathroom and my sister hugged me again while saying, Lock the other bathroom door, then come join me.

Lock the door, I asked, sleepily and confused.

That door connects to the hall; I’ll show you in the morning. For now, please lock the door, and come join me in your night shirt.

I admit that, even in my tired state, I was glad that my sister wanted to sleep together like back home. I couldn’t explain why, but it felt like at least one piece of normalcy, and it was calming. Rachel was waiting on the bed for me, wearing her favorite nightgown and I joined her in wearing my long night shirt. Once I climbed into bed with her, we hugged as tightly as we could. I miss you and Jessica so much and wish you both could come home, I said.

I missed you too, My sister said as I found myself lying on her breast. I don’t mind if you lie on my boobie, She giggled over my stifled yawn.

Could we play catchup in the morning? It feels like it’s 2:30 in the morning, I said.

Sure, this can wait until morning. In the meantime, please enjoy sharing the bed with me again while we get some badly needed sleep.

I admit I did struggle to fall asleep, because I had a female in bed with me who I missed dearly. Yet on the other hand, the thought of how late (or early) it was did cause sleep to finally overtake me.

New Morning on the Left Coast

Morning sleepyhead, Rachel giggled as she started massaging my back.

This time difference, I started to say as I turned to look my baby sister in the eye, I’m wide awake and you’re not.

Oh, you get used to it, She replied, What do you want for breakfast? The truth was that I didn’t want any breakfast now, because I just wanted to lie there next to my little sister. I was enjoying the closeness as she started stroking my hair humming to herself. You really do miss me, She whispered as she pulled me into a hug. She paused for a moment, allowing me to soak in the wonderful special kind of hug that you can only get from an opposite gender sibling, before continuing, You just want to lie here in bed at my side all day, don’t you.

By the time I get used to the time difference, I’m going to have to go back home, I whimpered, simply enjoying her hugs for the first time since she had to leave.

We need to eat, and today can be one of those lazy days. Yes, we can cuddle up together, but we do need to get some food, Rachel said. I slowly adjusted myself and my sister realized exactly what I was up to when she giggled, You want to lie on my boob, don’t you? Go on, just like we used to. Yes, I’m aware it comforts you somehow, and yes I know you can’t explain it.

I was grateful that I got to lie on my sister’s boob for a few minutes, when she said, Now, we should really eat. My stomach is rumbling anyways.

Ok, let’s eat, I said, finally starting to get hungry myself. What did you have in mind, I asked as we made our way to the kitchen.

Cereal? Something simple, Rachel suggested as she showed me the box of cereal that was available for us. I nodded in agreement and my sister poured us each a bowl.

So, how is life out west? Yes, I do miss you and Jessica so much right now, I said as we started to enjoy a small breakfast.

Clark County is a beautiful area, but I miss being home. My grades are messed up because of having to move in the middle of the school year, My sister said as she put her backpack on the table, I’m heading to the library this afternoon to type up a report. I want you to come with me.

How are we getting there, I asked.

My sister pulled a ticket out of her pocket and said, This is a bus pass good for a week while you’re out here. This will be your transportation since dad and Cathy both have to work.

How is life back home in Virginia, Rachel asked.

My grades aren’t the greatest either. It just isn’t the same without you and Jessica. At least when Jessica went off to college, we were prepared for it, I said, taking my sister’s hand.

Any girlfriends, My sister asked.

No. Just the one you remember from my freshman year and whatever the heck happened last year. Two weeks? I probably shouldn’t count that, I replied, I just got so used to doing things with you and Jess that I didn’t even think about a special someone.

My sister then took the two empty bowls and cleaned them. She then came over and offered to help me stand up. I really missed you, She whispered, pulling me into a squeeze hug.

What did you want to do today, I asked.

When the library opens later, I have homework to do. I want you to come with me, She said, I still have school on Monday and Tuesday. Do you drive?

I pulled out my license and said, I don’t get much practice time.

We will take the bus. Maybe if I can come home, you could drive me around, She replied, still hugging me.

The Return Home

Thanksgiving week was over, and it was time to head home. This was the part that I was dreading the most, because of how quickly I got used to being at my kid sister’s side. I did not want to go home and be alone again. I sat in the back seat hugging my sister as tightly as I could. We got on the Interstate 205 bridge and came to exit 24 for the airport, and that is when I absolutely lost it.

Rachel held me as tightly as she could as we prepared to take the exit for the airport, and came closer to having to say our goodbyes for however long. I had no clue when I would get to see her again, and as we came off of the interstate, my heart sank past my gut. The airport came closer and closer, and I absolutely could not compose myself. My sister was also upset, but not suffering as much of a mental breakdown as I was. I already miss you, Was all I could say as Rachel’s shirt soaked up more than enough of my tears to last a lifetime.

Promise me you will call when you get home, even if it is late at night. I will stay up for you, I promise, My sister said, as we pulled into the airport’s short term parking. Rachel helped me get my heavy suitcase out of the trunk as I still struggled to compose myself ahead of the flight home. You’re flying to Kentucky then to Baltimore where mom will pick you up, Rachel said, going over my flight plans.

It was cheaper, I squeaked in between tears.

Here, let me help you calm down, My sister said as she led me to some seats just inside the terminal. We sat down and she said, I will walk with you up to security. I promise you that we will figure out how to see each other again. Maybe I can spend spring break in Virginia or something. In the meantime, you can call me whenever you want. We will figure out a schedule that works, I promise you.

I did not want to stop hugging my sister, but I had to check in for my flight sooner or later. I tried my hardest to compose myself before heading to the check in desk. I was not at all looking forward to going home, but with my baby sister’s help, I made my way to the check in desk with my father as well.

I gave my information once it was my turn in line. The clerk saw my dried tears and asked if I was ok. Rachel explained, He’s just already missing me. I’m his kid sister, mom & dad are divorced, and he is heading back home to mom. He just wishes that I could come home with him. Thinking on her feet, Rachel asked, Is there any way you could note it on his ticket, in case he has a mental breakdown midflight? Medically, nothing is wrong with him; he’s just having a hard time saying goodbye. I will admit that I am having a hard time saying goodbye also.