Moving to Norfolk

The drive into Norfolk was northing out of the ordinary, and I arrived at my mother’s condo with a heavy heart. Both dogs bounded to the door and excitedly greeted me, unaware that I was very upset. My mother immediately noticed. I just wish Jessica and Rachel could be here, I mumbled, still feeling bitter over the divorce. Although mom said nothing, there was a bit of bitterness that my two sisters were gone.

I think I found a place for you and Archie that I want to show you, My mother said.

We headed over to what was just a few blocks from the condo, into a small apartment building tucked neatly away in West Ghent, where someone was waiting for us.

Dave took us into the apartment, and I saw how small it was. You don’t need much, just space for you and little doggie, My mother said. I groaned, as the only thing on my mind was Jessica and Rachel — especially Rachel — and how much I missed them. Are you sure you are going to be ok, Mom asked.

I want to go visit my sisters, I mumbled, I like this apartment and everything, but I really wish they could be here.

Mom explained to her new boyfriend, When his father and I were divorcing, the agreement was that he would take Rachel and that I would take Michael. The two of them were inseparable right up to the end when my ex-husband moved to the west coast, and both children did not take it well at all.

There was no words of comfort that could be said, since there was nothing that could be done about the situation. Rachel would be starting her sophomore year in high school, and it hurt that we were not together. Jessica was doing well at WorldSoft, and had plans to try to visit us this Summer.