High School Pep Rally & Afternoon with Shenna

The bell rang, and I exited the classroom. The day was cut short for the pep rally ahead of the homecoming football game that evening. It was a very hot day, and I was not looking forward to the rally. I suddenly felt myself being hugged from behind, and I recognized those wonderful hands wrapped around me from anywhere. Sit together, Shenna asked.

Sure, I replied, happy that my special friend wanted to be with me.

We stepped outside and immediately felt the heat of the late summer sun. I want to get a bottle of water, I said.

Shenna and I went to the concession stand, and all they were offering was soda, which a lot of students were complaining about. Shenna pulled me to the side and whispered, Want to just go home?

I kind of do, I said.

I will take you home, She whispered, offering another hug.

As we walked to her car, I said, I really miss my two sisters. Shenna put her arm around me comfortingly as I continued, Being able to talk to you helps.

Would you like company between now and when it is time to return for the game tonight, Shenna asked.

I would appreciate it. Being home alone sucks. You have siblings, I asked.

I have a sister. I’ve seen your sisters, and I know you are very close to them, Shenna replied as we walked to the student parking lot.

I started giving directions as we exited the student parking lot and Shenna said, You’ve never had a girlfriend, have you.

Not really. Freshman year my big sister kept me company when that Annabel girl was trying to get me to do things. Sophomore year you remember that girl on clarinet. Didn’t last at all, and besides her dad scared the crap out of me. I feel like, outside of my sisters, you are the only girl I really talk to.

You really do love your sisters, She said as the light turned green to exit the school.

I do, and I miss their company so much, I replied.

Jessica, I think, Shenna said.

My older sister. She kept that Annabel away from me. My big sister was looking out for me, and kept the pressuring Annabel off of my case, I said as we made a few turns into my neighborhood. We arrived at my house, and I let Shenna inside. The dogs came bounding over, excited that someone was home and that it was time to be petted and let outside for potty breaks. Shenna sat on the sofa while I tended to the dogs, then came over to sit with her. It is nice to have some company again, and it is nice to have company from someone who isn’t so pressure heavy like Annabel was. That you’re sitting on this sofa with me? It is the most I have ever done, I said.

Oh really, Shenna said.

Yeah. My older sister especially protected me from creeps, and I’ve never got to even bring a girl home before. I’ve never done anything remotely even…, I explained., struggling to find the words to finish my thoughts without scaring Shenna.

In other words, you’ve never Done It before, Shenna replied.

I blushed, Nope. You asking is the closest I’ve ever gotten since Jessica would shoo Annabel away.

Shenna pulled me into a hug and whispered, Want to do it? I’ve never done it either.

I blushed more than I thought was possible and blabbed out, Sure. Just don’t tell anyone?

I won’t tell anyone. I suspect you were afraid of Annabel telling the whole school, Shenna said, continuing to hug me.

No strings attached, I asked.

No strings attached, Shenna assured me, Just two friends Doing It. I think they call it Friends with Benefits and I’m willing to be that if you want. She then paused for a moment and added, I’m on birth control, if that helps.

I never got to do boyfriend/girlfriend things because I was always with my sisters, I spluttered, blushing.

Shenna pulled me into another hug and said, I won’t tell anyone.

Nervously, I led her to my bedroom, and closed the door. You ready, Shenna asked.

I think so, I replied nervously.

We both found ourselves looking at each other’s bodies, as we climbed onto the bed together. I admit that I was a nervous wreck, having never done it before. I didn’t want to ruin it for Shenna either, since this was her first time.