Special Afternoon with Jessica

We arrived home and Jessica, noticing how uncomfortable I was, said, I promise I won’t tell anyone. I am your big sister, and you came to me, frightened. She offered a hug and said, I’m not going to do the nasty with you anyways: brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to, and even if society didn’t taboo it, you are hurting right now. Now, with that out of the way, what happened?

I think so. There was a group of them that made me uncomfortable, I replied, very nervously as Jessica sat at my side on the sofa. She was letting me snuggle up with her, with absolutely no expectations of anything naughty, but still offering to be naughty if I wanted. You’re not going to force me to do things, I asked nervously.

Heck no! I’m your sister, and I would never force you to do anything you did not want to do!

Later in the Afternoon

Jessica said, Tomorrow, I’m going to help daddy hang Christmas lights. Those flower lights you got: would you like me to put a border around your window?

Yes please, I whispered, just enjoying Jessica’s hugs.

You two look so comfortable, Our younger sister Rachel giggled, May I join you?

You want to be cuddled with? Sure, come join us, Jessica said. My little sister sat next to us and curled up in my arms, just as I was curled up in Jessica’s arms.

This does feel nice, Rachel said, enjoying the closeness that we were offering.

I think I could get used to snuggling with both of you, I said.