Special Afternoon with Jessica

We arrived home and Jessica, noticing how uncomfortable I was, said, I promise I won’t tell anyone. I am your big sister, and you came to me, frightened. She offered a hug and said, Those girls who came up to you? They said some things that made you start wondering?

They did, I whimpered, Especially that Annabel. I think she was their leader, and she wanted to bring me to their party. I was feeling uneasy telling Jessica what happened.

Did they make you curious, Jessica asked, hugging me. She saw that my face was blushing and she asked, They said there would be no parents. They at least make you wonder?

They promised we could do things. I felt so uneasy with them constantly asking, but yeah, I mumbled, blushing. I suddenly added, Don’t tell anyone, I beg you.

I promise I won’t tell, Jessica said, Now, please be honest: would you have wanted what they were offering, if you knew that you would not get in trouble?

What do you mean, I asked.

I overheard them offering sex with you. I see how much you are blushing, and I think I get it: you want to, if you found the right special someone. Jessica paused for a moment, then asked, Did you want to see what a girl looks like? Please be honest, and I promise I won’t tell anyone.

Guilty, I blushed.

Jessica got up, made sure my bedroom door was locked, and said, Well, here we go I guess. I watched as she started taking her shirt off, getting to see a bra for the first time outside of doing laundry. Want me to continue, Big Sis asked. I nodded, and she took her jeans off. My blushing was plainly obvious when Jessica was down to her underwear.

Jessica took her bra off next, and I could not believe my eyes as I got to see breasts for the first time in my life. She then grabbed her underwear and giggled, This is probably what you were waiting for the most.

Yes, I snorted with a smirk.

Jessica then pulled her underwear down, and all I could really see was the hair. She saw the look on my face, climbed onto the bed, and giggled, No more teasing. She opened her legs and said, This is what my pussy looks like. Now, I want to see yours; seems only fair.

Seems fair, I said, starting to undress myself, Annabel, I think, was going to brag to the whole school about what we could do.

Opening her legs invitingly, Jessica said, I’m offering you the same thing, except that I won’t tell the whole school.

You mean it, I asked.

Go on, have sex with me. Promise I won’t tell anyone, She giggled, as she helped guide my part into her.

Cleaning up the Evidence

We should clean up. Come take a shower with me before Rachel gets home from school, Jessica said.

Sure, I giggled, wanting to still see her naked body. I followed her into the bathroom, and she said, Potty then shower. We took our turns on the toilet, and Jess got the shower going. We need to be quick! Most importantly, we can’t smell like we just had sex.

Once we were done, Jessica said, Here is what we are going to do: we need to both stop having the First Time Sex glow, and we need to get dressed, quick. I should probably move my clothes into my room, because it would be one thing for Rachel to walk in on me – we do that all the time since we are both girls – but if she saw us together, there would be some questions that I don’t think Rachel is ready for.

Making Thanksgiving Plans

Jessica, Rachel, and Michael sitting on a sofa
The Three Siblings discussing the upcoming Thanksgiving break

We got dressed, threw the towels into the hamper, and made our way downstairs, cuddling up on the sofa. Not even moments later, the front door was opening, and Rachel came home. The dogs bounded up to her, expecting pets and greetings. I’m happy to see both of you too, She giggled, petting both dogs. She sat down on the sofa with us, and asked, Christmas light tomorrow with daddy?

Jessica said, Tomorrow, I’m going to help daddy hang Christmas lights. Those flower lights you got: would you like me to put a border around our windows?

Yes please, I whispered, just enjoying Jessica’s hugs.

You two look so comfortable, Our younger sister Rachel giggled, May I join you?

You want to be cuddled with? Sure, come join us, Jessica said. My little sister curled up in my arms, just as I was curled up in Jessica’s arms.

This does feel nice, Rachel said, enjoying the closeness that we were offering.

I think I could get used to snuggling with both of you, I said.

I like this a lot better than fighting and arguing, Rachel said.

This is very nice, Jessica said, trying to hide the glow in her face.

Rachel, seeing the glow on my face, asked, Did something happen today?

Jessica chased off some girl bullies, I mumbled.

Oh, Rachel asked, You’re being chased by girls?

Rachel, please, I stammered, getting nervous. There was someone I liked, but she went to the magnent school.

Rachel, don’t tease your brother, Jessica admonished.

I’m sorry, Rachel said, It is just that it is happening to me also. I couldn’t even walk home from school without one of them. Why are only the creeps interested in me? Tears leaked from her eyes, and Jessica and I both reached over to comfort her.

Want to do something together? Maybe on Friday I can see if Mom and Dad will let me take you both to the mall or something, Jessica suggested, I have this crazy idea that if we bump into anyone who was chasing either of you, you two could act together and I could be the chaperone.

Would you do that? I want to be seen with a boy, if only because I want those creeps to think I am not available, Rachel asked.

Absolutely, I said.

I will see if Mom and Dad will let me take you both to the mall, Jessica replied.