Jessica in the Hospital

I arrived in the recovery room where Jessica was resting. We need to talk, just you and me, She said to me, We need to discuss school.

I sniffled a bit as I asked, What’s going on?

You know that my leg is broken. The problem is that it’s not heading properly. I’m going to need help with the basics at school, Jessica started explaining.

Like what, I asked, in a worried voice.

There are some things I just cannot do on my own, like carry a lunch tray, She explained, You’re going to have to carry my lunch, which is why I’m glad we share a lunch bell.

Carry two trays, I asked, trying to comprehend.

Yes. Also, I don’t think I can fit in the line, She replied, Now I’m grateful that we shared a lunch period. I want you to be my helper. Tonight, could you do me a favor? We are going to pull out the sofa bed, and I would like you at my side.

In the sofa bed? With you, I asked.

Yes, please. I can’t get upstairs anymore, My big sister replied, Since we are both in high school, I want you to help me get ready for the day.