Jessica Returns to School

Good morning, My big sister said with a gentle kiss to the cheek, Ready to help me get ready for school?

What do you need, I asked as I held her wheelchair steady.

Take me to the bathroom, She said as she placed the two plastic bags each containing our clothes for the day on her lap. We entered the bathroom, and I locked the door behind us. Yes, I know this is your favorite part, She giggled as she lifted her arms so I could pull her top off. I looked at her confused, and she giggled, I know you’re only helping me simply because you want to see me naked, and no I don’t mind. You’re curious. It’s only fair that I get to see you too.

Your Honor, I plead Guilty as Charged, I whispered as I blushed.

I appreciate your honesty. Therefore, I hereby sentence you to helping me with life’s everyday needs, Jessica giggled as she lifted herself up so I could pull her pants off. Now with a serious voice, my sister continued, Now, go on ahead and get yourself undressed and get the shower going, so it has time to warm up. And yes, I see your big tent down there. As I was undressing, Jessica said, Yes, I’m going to let you clean me down there.

The school bus arrived at our front door right on time at 6:50 in the morning and the driver and assistant greeted Jessica and me. Who is this young lady? We were told that there were two, They asked.

Our sister Rachel. She’s still in middle school, and is just seeing us off, Jessica said as the assistant started getting the wheelchair lift going.

Michael, you go find a seat while we get Jessica strapped in, The assistant said.

We arrived home and Jessica said, A promise is a promise. You wanted help with math homework. She then wheeled to the dining room table and I unloaded my books from my backpack. I turned to the chapter that we were working on in class this week.