Hanging Christmas Lights

TW: Serious Injury

Jessica was up on the front landing roof, and I had my window open so we could chat as she was hanging the lights around my window. Yeah, I like the idea of multi-color flower lights outlining my window, I said as she carefully inserted a nail between the wires.

I thought you would like the flower lights, My older sister replied as she finished lining my window frame. She then connected the lights to one of those heavy-duty orange extension cords, and carefully made her way to the ladder to get back down.

Jessica, I screamed in terror! My sister landed with a crack and a thud onto the walkway connecting the driveway to the front entryway. I raced down to the front entrance, grabbing a startled Rachel, where Dad was, trying to figure out what happened.

I think I slipped off the ladder, Jessica said in a calm, yet frightened voice. We were all frightened, especially when Dad realized that something was especially wrong with her leg. I think I missed a step somewhere, She whimpered.

Call 9-1-1, Dad cried, and it was Rachel who stormed back into the house to get the phone.

Paramedics arrived within minutes of my baby sister’s call and it wasn’t too long before she was loaded up into the ambulance and on her way to the hospital.