In the Company of Big Sister

Annabel inched closer to me as she said, I’ll fuck you. Heck, I have my house all to myself this afternoon. Early release, so we have more time for more sex. I will even feed you lunch, lover.

I was nervous and looked at the clock as it inched closer to dismissal for the day. My brain reminded me, Jessica will drive you to the local Burger Arch and you two have been looking forward to lunch for a while. Also, she is getting Christmas Lights while you two are out.

Very nervously, all I could get out was, I’m running an errand with my big sister. Annabel didn’t seem to like that answer, and the only thing I wanted was for her to go away. The pressure to have sex with her. I kept remembering what happened last year at middle school: I was supposed to have sex but chickened out at the last minute. She found someone else and was now at the high school for pregnant girls. I didn’t want to be the reason Annabel went away because I didn’t even like her.

The bell finally rang, and we were dismissed for the beginning of Thanksgiving break. I made my way to the commons to wait for Jessica as I always did, but this time I couldn’t get the thought of what happened in class out of my head. After a few minutes of waiting, I felt myself being hugged from behind. I was relieved as my big sister pulled me into a hug as she always did. Ready to get some Christmas lights for Dad, Jessica asked.

She spun me around and, upon noticing the look on my face, she asked, What’s up?

I froze, hoping Jessica wouldn’t figure it out. As if she caught on, she said, We can talk privately in the car. I whimpered, just simply craving a hug from my big sister. As she hugged me tightly, she said, Something is on your mind. We can talk privately, and no I’m not mad. No matter what happened.

We finally got to the car. In the privacy, Jessica asked, So what happened in class? You’re not usually this quiet.

A lady classmate – Annabel her name is – invited me to her house this afternoon. Said we would be alone. I didn’t want to go, I whispered hurriedly, as if to get the worst out of the way.

As if reading my mind, Jessica said, She wanted to have sex, didn’t she? I nodded as a tear came to my eye, fearing Jessica was going to scream. To my surprise, my big sister pulled me into a hug as she said, You did the right thing coming to me. Releasing me from the hug, she then started the car and said, Let’s have lunch first.

I started blushing, and Jessica noticed. Answer me honestly. You want to, but not with her? I nodded very weakly, and Jessica continued, You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Remember how mommy and daddy taught you what to do if a girl says no? Well, guys are allowed to say no too.

OK, I replied as she pulled into the Burger Arch parking lot. My sister put her arm around me as we walked inside.

What do you want to eat, your usual, Jessica asked as we approached the counter, trying to change the subject to calm me down.

Sure, I replied, I’ll get us a seat?

Yes please. Where I can see you, Jessica said. She then placed our order and soon joined me at the table.