Big Family Christmas

So, everyone is coming over for Christmas, Rachel said excitedly.

Yes, I replied nervously, unsure with how to deal with the crowds considering Jessica was still getting the hang of her new wheelchair.

What’s troubling you, Jessica asked, as if she could read my mind.

The crowds. So many people, I said nervously as my mind started to shut down.

Yes, there will be a lot of family. You, me, and Rachel will have to share the sofa bed and put it away during the day, Jessica replied. Are you going to be ready for the house to be crowded?

I couldn’t answer my sister and moaned in displeasure. I was getting overwhelmed at the thought of too many people in the house. My big doggie came up and just knew I needed to pet a dog. There was something about being able to cuddle up with a dog that I just could not explain. Yes, pet Baby, Rachel whispered, realizing it was helping calm me down. Archie, Baby’s little brother, came over and Rachel started petting him. Rachel continued, Once you’re feeling better, you, me, and Jessica need to figure out sleeping arrangements. You and Joe don’t get along very well, and we don’t need you two getting into fights. She offered me a gentle hug as I continued to pet the dog unable to collect my thoughts.

Jessica suggested, How about you, me, and Rachel bunk together?

Rachel asked, Jess, you ready to try to get back to our bedroom?

Yes, let’s try, Jess suggested. Rachel gently shooed the dog away from the stairs, and Jessica lined her wheelchair up to the stairs and said, I’m going to crawl up. Let’s keep the wheelchair downstairs and I’ll crawl around upstairs for now.

Jessica only got up a couple of stairs to the turn and was sweating. Maybe we shouldn’t do this, Rachel said.

How about all three of us take the sofa, Jessica said, returning herself to her wheelchair, Will you two set the sofa up so we can see if the three of us fit on it? Just unfold the mattress and let’s see if there is enough room for us. You two can put the sheets on it tonight at the usual time.

The three of us, it turned out, fit just fine together on the sofa bed. Let’s put it away before the rest of the family gets here, Rachel said as we both helped Jessica back into her wheelchair. Rachel and I then folded the sofa back up and placed the cushions back on.

The first of the extended family arrived, with our Uncle Eddy pulling up in front of the house. Being mom’s brother, mom went out to greet him, while Rachel and I tried our best to hold the dogs, who got all excited that someone new was here.

Evening arrived and Dad arrived home from the train station with his sister (our Aunt Betsy), his mother (Grandma In Newport), and our cousin Joey. Our other Aunt also arrived, and the house was filled with people. I started getting nervous, and Jessica and Rachel did their best to keep me calm. Do you four want to watch a movie, One of the adults asked us four kids.

Sure, Jessica replied, turning on the TV to see what Christmas movies were on. She turned on one of the old classic animated shows from our parents past, and we sat down to enjoy.